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This program has been designed for people who already have a website and now want to increase their revenue. The Affiliate partnership model is free, there are no hidden costs. It is simply a great earning opportunity.


This partnership model is extremely easy to set-up. As an affiliate partner you will get:

  A dedicated team to help you maintain and grow your affiliate revenue.
  Fresh creatives to help you leverage your site’s traffic.
  Access to all the latest deals and offers.
  Real time, 24x7 access to your data for impressions, clicks, and

How does it work?
As a Yatra Affiliate you will earn a fixed commission on every successful flight or hotel booking that was directed from your site. You will be eligible to earn the commission on both domestic and international bookings. Earn commission up to Rs400 per booking. You will be able to track your account real time, 24x7. Through your own account, you can see detailed reports of impressions, clicks, and sales.

Start earning:
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