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China Holiday Packages

Everything about China is larger than life and so is the experience that it bestows on travellers, who come to explore this gigantic Asian country. Today, people around the world know China for its economic growth but the country has more to its fame and name.

It is a marvellous land with diverse geographical realms and culture that dates back to 17th century BC. A trip to China offers a wonderful chance to experience unique combination of crowded metropolitan cities and rural landscapes that flaunt unimaginable natural beauty.

The country is home to the world's largest population and also a plethora of heritage sites. The mainland China has some highly cosmopolitan cities, among which Beijing- the capital, holds a supreme status.

Xian, a former capital and the oldest of all the cities in China, is another place that attracts visitors on a China trip. Ten important dynasties of the region, including Tang and Han, originated from this history-rich city.

Other major cities that tourists must include in their itinerary are Hangzhou, Kunming, Nanjing, Suzhou (popularly known as 'Venice of the East'), Guilin (known for scenic landscapes and picturesque mountains), Shanghai (major commercial centre and the country's largest city) and Guangzhou. There are modern entertainment facilities in China's metropolitan cities; however, the real tourist attractions are the heritage sites.

One will be amazed to know that China is the third country in the list of countries with most heritage sites. The Great Wall of China tops the list of historic sites in the region and is the longest man-made structure till date.

The Terracotta Army is another major tourist attraction in Xian and depicts a necropolis of terracotta sculptures built during the reign of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. Other sites that make China a place worth-visiting are the Forbidden City, Mogao Caves, Peking Man, Ancient City of Ping Yao, Chengjiang Fossil Site and the capital cities and tombs of the Ancient Koguryo Kingdom. Holiday in China would be incomplete if one doesn't include the blessed-by-nature scenic spots.

The Jiuzhaigou Valley is quite famous for its colourful lakes, snow-clad peaks and numerous waterfalls. Other natural sites for tourists to see are Mount Taishan, Mount Huangshan, Mount Emei scenic area featuring the famous Leshan Giant Buddha sculpture, and Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries.

One can avail an exciting China tour package from to travel around the country in a convenient and of course, a cost-effective manner.


Best of China - Summer 2016

6 Nights Beijing (3)  →  Shanghai (3)

Where Beijing is the heart and soul of China; Shanghai truly is the new face of the much traditional Chinese culture alongside the extensive modernization. Come and visit this changing China and get mesmerized by its aura, glamour and culture.

Best of China - Summer 2016


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Know More About China

China Guide

  • Shopping in China

    Being one of the biggest markets in the world for shopping of electronic gadgets, China is a shoppers' paradise for gadget lovers. Though, a plethora of malls have been established in this country in the last few decades, but there is still a range of street markets in the country. Finding hand-made porcelain products, such as plates, lamps and vases is not an issue in this country. One of the famous cities for the purchase of porcelain is Jingdezhen. Jade is among the most adored items of the country and is recognised by its green shade and expensive rates. In almost all the markets of the country, pearl jewellery can be easily found.

  • Food Cuisines in China

    China has a range of dining options from five-star restaurants to street food outlets. The most loved food in the country is Chinese, but it varies according to the region. Peking Duck is one of the most served delicacies in the restaurants in Beijing while the Cantonese people mostly relish dim sums. When it comes to beverages, beer is widely sold throughout the country.

  • Must do & Must Experience in China

    There are a large number of attractions in China that make it a popular holiday destination. The most important landmark of this country is undoubtedly the Great Wall of China. Sprawling across an area of about 4,970 miles, this wall is visible from a far distance. One of the important historic sites in the country is Xi’an’s Terracotta Warriors, which was discovered by local farmers in the year 1974. It has a collection of terracotta cultures showcasing the story of armies of the first emperor of China, known as Qin Shi Huang. Mount Emei is among the four revered mountains of Buddhism discovered in China. Other than religious reasons, this mountain is also admired for offering breathtaking views. Tiananmen Square is among the most prominent landmarks of the country and also the largest public square on earth. This square has Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Qianmen Gate, the People’s Monument and National Museum. To witness the best of rock-cut architectural work and beautifully carved rock-cut statues, a visit to Yungang Grottoes is a great choice. Hainan’s Sanya Beach is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

  • Calendar of Events in China

    Home to a rich heritage, China celebrates a large number of festivals and events throughout the year. Chinese New Year is among the most prominent events, which is celebrated in the entire country with equal energy level and zeal. It is also sometimes referred to as the Chinese Spring Festival and is celebrated by dancing, music, worshipping and fireworks. At the end of the month of February, Lantern Festival is celebrated to mark the end of spring festivities. The incredible display of lanterns in all the cities, towns and villages of this country is alluring. Qingming, also known as Pure and Bright Festival is celebrated every year in the month of April, and it celebrates the beginning of the spring season. Locals and visitors visit gardens and enjoy dancing, music and performances during the festivity. Cheung Chau Festival is celebrated in the small island of Cheung Chau in the month of May. This week-long festival includes an array of activities, such as costumes competitions, colourful parades and regional cuisine. Some other festivals that are celebrated here are Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival and Shanghai Formula 1 Grand Prix.

  • Weather in China

    China experiences a diverse climate throughout the year. The climate in the northern part of China is warm in the months of June, July and August. These months are categorised as dry, and there is a little temperature change in day and night. Winters start from December and continue till February, when the weather becomes extremely cold. In the high mountain areas, deserts, steppes and plateaus, there is a large temperature variation in the summer and winter months. If tourists want to experience the cold weather of this country, then they can travel during the months of November and December.

  • History of China

    The history of China is one of the world’s oldest; from the period when imperial dynasties ruled the Forbidden Palace to the present day communist regime, every phase in the history of China is fascinating. Among the early rulers of China, the Shang and Zhou dynasties were the most influential ones. Under the rule of Emperor Han and Qing dynasty, China experienced rapid growth. The succession of Hong Kong to the British and Taiwan to Japan are some of the noteworthy events in the history of China. The Republic of China was formed in the year 1911 by Sun Yat-Sen. However, period after that saw wars and conflicts, including the China-Japan War and Civil War between communist and democratic parties. On October 1, 1949, the People’s Republic of China was founded by the communist party of Mao Zedong. At present, China is considered to be one of the strictest communist countries (politically and governmentally) in the world.


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