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Hong Kong lies on south coast of China and is encircled by South China Sea and Pearl River Delta. It is categorised as Special Administrative Region (SAR) and is a part of China but it retains its own currency and legal system. Formerly, Hong Kong used to be a British colony and due to that, it forms a unique travel destination for people around the globe. Though, legally, it is a part of mainland China, it enjoys a great degree of autonomy. Cantonese and English both are accepted as official languages of Hong Kong, which makes travelling easier for English-speaking travellers. One can avail exciting Hong Kong tour packages at competitive prices from Yatra.com and enjoy exploring this city in a very hassle-free manner. Hong Kong is a land blessed with rocky islands and hazy mountains. Travellers get attracted towards this part of the world owing to many reasons. To witness the very famous skyline of the city, travellers can go to Victoria Peak, which is a well-known vantage point. From this place, one can see one of the finest harbours of the world and a stunning stretchy skyline. The best time to plan a trip to the Victoria Peak is just before the sunset, because at this time one can get an opportunity to see that how city lights lightens up the city after the sun goes down. A trip to this site should never be missed while holidaying in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is quite popular for its nightlife and the options that it opens up for tourists who keep looking for shopping items. One of the best places to experience Hong Kong-style shopping is Temple Street Night Market, which sells abundant items of strikingly different categories. Streets markets in Hong Kong are happening places while on the other hand there are many shopping complexes, supermarkets and departmental stores in the city. Hong Kong is also famous for internationalist mouth-watering cuisine, which can be savoured at one of the many swanky restaurants across the city. . The weather in Hong Kong city is temperate round the year, making it ideal for taking on a Hong Kong vacation in any season. From October to December, the city receives very less amount of rainfall. People who enjoy seeing cultural activities can plan their visit to this happening city between February and April as it is the time when Hong Kong Arts Festival is held.


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Hong Kong Guide

  • Shopping in Hong Kong

    Glittering malls, classic boutiques, elegant designer shops and large street markets make this place a shoppers' paradise. Temple Street Night Market is a world famous market for shopping and has a large number of shops selling beautiful antiques, souvenirs and other items. Traditional Chinese handicrafts, pottery, metal items and jade jewellery are among the most purchased items by tourists. Other most sold items are paintings, scrolls, wall-hangings and Chinese tea. The time period from August till Chinese New Year is the sale time and the ideal time to enjoy shopping.

  • Food Cuisines in Hong Kong

    Palatable food in Hong Kong can be enjoyed at the roadside stalls as well as 5 star restaurants. The most famous local foods that are served in almost all restaurants are roasted duck, dim sums and seafood. Quality western dishes can also be found in the region. Lantau Island has a number of dining options, where locals and tourists flock to savour delicious delicacies.

  • Must do & Must Experience in Hong Kong

    Recognised as a wealthy and famous colonial hub, Hong Kong is home to some of mind-blowing structures and ancient edifices. Tourists from across the globe flock this destination to admire its natural beauty and spend quality time at its secluded beaches. One of the most frequented places in this region is Man Mo Temple, which is the oldest Taoist temple. The two main deities worshipped in this temple are God of Literature and God of War. Ocean Park is among the most amazing attractions in the region, featuring an amusement park, marine park and oceanarium. Hong Kong Disneyland is different from the usual theme parks and has all the Disney characters set in Chinese architecture. Hong Kong History Museum exhibits a huge collection of artefacts demonstrating the rich heritage and culture of this region. National Geopark of China is a pristine region that boasts of sea caves, rock formations, wild coastlines and sea stacks. Aberdeen Harbor and Happy Valley Racecourse are the other two prominent attractions that must not be left unexplored.

  • Calendar of Events in Hong Kong

    A large number of religious, sports and cultural events mark the calendar of Hong Kong. The events celebrated in this region are boisterous and parades, fireworks and colourful rituals are the part of almost all the festivals. Hong Kong International Film Festival is among the largest events and is held in the month of March. Tin Hau Festival is a traditional festival, which celebrates the name day of the deity of the fishermen known as Tin Hau. Buddha Bathing Festival is celebrated in many areas, but the best place to watch this ritual is the Po Lin Monastery. The most awaited festival of the entire region is the Dragon Boat Festival, which is celebrated at the end of May and continued till June. Hungry Ghost Festival, held in the months of August and September, is celebrated to please ancestors.

  • Weather in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong experiences a sub-tropical climate, categorised into four seasons from hot and humid to cool and dry. Temperature in the winter months ranges between 15 and 20 degree Celsius. Months of January and February are sunny, though cloudy skies can be seen during the month of February. March marks the start of spring, with an increase in rainfall and humidity. Summers are unstable and temperature goes above 30 degree Celsius. Autumn is the most wonderful season with less rainfall and humidity. Those planning to spend their vacations at the beachside can visit this destination during the summer months.

  • History of Hong Kong

    Hong Kong is situated on the south coast of China and is surrounded by South China Sea and Pearl River Delta. As per archaeological findings, the civilisation in this place is believed to have started in the Neolithic period. Though, this region joined Imperial China about 1,800 years back. Under the Tang dynasty in the 9th century, the new territories prospered and became a major trading hubs. In the year 1513, Portuguese marine traders inhabited this region and started trading with southern China. These traders were attacked by the Chinese forces, who forced them to leave the region in the 16th century. Later, the closed trade routes were reopened by Kangxi emperor, but with some restrictions. In the year 1842, Hong Kong was invaded by the British forces, who ruled this place for around 150 years. Until World War II, this region was a free port, which was later taken over by the Japanese and controlled till 1945. After the war, trade routes were reopened again, but the progress rate was slow. In the year 1997, Hong Kong became China's first administrative region and prospered. Though a large number of Chinese companies changed their location to the west, but Hong Kong was hardly affected by these changes. A glimpse of the colonial history of this region can be seen at its various museums.


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