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Greece honeymoon Holiday Packages

Situated in South-Eastern part of Europe, Greece epitomises the idea of a romantic destination with a beautiful setting of islands, lofty mountain peaks and historic attractions. Known as the ‘cradle of Western civilisation’, this country boasts of some of the finest heritage sites in the form of Acropolis of Athens and ancient Delphi.

Couples spending a honeymoon in Greece can surrender to charms of Santorini, give in to the romance on sun-lapped Mediterranean beaches and go on a walking tour to discover the authentic feel of its quaint villages and towns.

Visiting Crete offer a rare opportunity to witness examples of Venetian and Turkish architecture and explore its wonderful culture. The island of Mykonos is famous for its cosmopolitan outlook, beautiful Cycladic architecture and a host of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Those looking for adventure can go trekking in Meteora for a rewarding experience of visiting Byzantine monasteries situated on the mountain top. Corfu is another island worth visiting in this beautiful country.

Part of the Ionian Islands in the Adriatic Sea, Corfu is home to some gorgeous waterfalls, historic monasteries, churches and fishing villages. This place offers plenty of recreation opportunities. Couples can choose carefully from Greece honeymoon tour packages for a comprehensive experience. Patras presents some of the finest leisure opportunities in this country.

It is known for the best of wineries, relaxing Turkish baths and colourful festivals. Tourists can enjoy fine performances of ancient Greek Theatre and head to the Castle of Patras to discover history preserved in stone.

There are a number of vintage shops in the city and a number of other stores offering international brands. Villa Mercedes is probably the best club in this country where visitors can have a drink. Couples can choose Greece honeymoon packages for summer months to enjoy Patras International Festival held every year in the Roman Odeon. Rhodes is famous for its Old Town, recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

This place is home to the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, Rhodes Archaeological Museum and the Archbishops Palace, inviting tourists to discover their historical treasures. Taking a walk through the charming lanes is perhaps the best way to explore this city.

Besides, tourists can always shop for souvenirs and eat local cuisine to add to cherished memories. On the whole, this country presents a kaleidoscope of natural creations and cultural heritage that attracts tourists from around the world.


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