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Online Rail Reservation FAQs
  • How can I book a train ticket on
    Booking a train ticket on our site is easy. All you have to do is enter the name of the cities you are traveling from and to, specify your travel date and class, and the number of passengers you want to make a booking for. Click the Find Trains button, and a list of all available trains for that date and class will be displayed. Select the train that suits you after checking its availability and click Book. Then, just follow the instructions on the next few steps and complete your booking. It really is this easy.
  • How will I know which station to choose for my booking?
    For ease of use of our customers we have enabled an automatic look-up facility. To search for trains starting from a particular city just enter the first three letters of that city or its station code and a complete list of all stations in that city will be displayed. You can then choose a particular station or all stations and begin your search. To search for trains, you can even search by entering just the three- or four-letter station code. For example, for Mumbai Central you can search by entering BCT.
  • I don't understand the various classes of Indian Railways, how can I select which one to book?
    There are essentially seven types of seating available in Indian Railways. These are:
    - AC First Class (1A): This is the most expensive ticket. Passengers are seated in two- or four-berthed private compartments, which are air-conditioned and spacious.
    - AC 2 Tier (2A): Passengers are seated in air-conditioned carriages that are split into two- or four-berthed compartments that are separated by curtains.
    - AC 3 Tier (3A): Air-conditioned seating in three-tiered compartments.
    - First Class (FC): Passengers are seated in two- or four-berthed private, non-air conditioned compartments, which are spacious and suited for overnight journeys.
    - AC Chair Car (CC): Air-conditioned seating with reclining seats. It is available in most inter-city expresses trains such as Shatabdi.
    - Sleeper (SL): Similar to AC 3 Tier, but without air conditioning.
    - Second Seating (2S): Non-air conditioned seating accommodation on bench-styled seats.
    When you search for trains, you must select a class. However, from our search results page you can just click on the tab for a different seating type and see the list of trains for that.
  • Is the information on seat availability and pricing reliable?
    The seating and pricing details available on our site are brought directly from the Indian Railways Reservation System. To make your search faster, we have cached the data on trains, routes and fares on our site. This information is updated many times in an hour.
  • How can I see a list of stations on a particular route?
    On Step 2, where the search results for trains are displayed, click the train name to see a complete list of stations along with the arrival and departure times.
  • What do the different booking status types mean?
    It is possible to get any of the following three types of booking status:
    - Confirmed: This means your seat is confirmed and a relevant number is communicated to you.
    - RAC: This is Reservation Against Cancellation, which means you have a booking but a seat will be allotted to you only after the final chart is prepared.
    - Waitlist: This means the confirmation of your booking is subject to availability, in case other passengers cancel their bookings.
  • Can I board a train if my ticket status is RAC even after the chart has been prepared?
    Yes, you can board a train if your ticket status is RAC. A seat will be allotted to you if it remains vacant because a passenger didn't show up or cancelled at the last minute.
  • I have heard that railways allow for last minute booking. Is that possible on
    Just like Indian Railways, we also offer tatkal booking. That is, customers can book tickets two days before the train's departure from that train's tatkal quota. Further, customers will have to pay an extra amount as tatkal charges. But, unline the IRCTC website and railway reservation counters, tatkal booking is not available on between 8 AM to 10 AM. Please note, senior citizen discount is not applicable on tatkal bookings. You can view more information on the Railway's Tatkal Rules here.
  • While booking, why am I asked to reconfirm the departure and destination stations? allows you to search for trains between two cities. However, it is possible a city may have more than one station. In such cases it is important for us to reconfirm your departure and destination stations in order to complete the booking.
  • How can I check for availability for a different set of dates?
    There are three possible options for you to check for availability for a different set of dates. First, use the Modify Your Search option and run a fresh search. Second is to use the Previous Day/Next Day links from the search results box. Using this, you can check the availability for the next or previous six days. However, the easiest way to check availability would be to use the Next 5 Dates link below the availability status. The seat availability for the next 5 scheduled departure dates for that train will be displayed on the screen. You can make your selection right there and continue with the booking process.