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Yatra Miles
  • What is the Yatra Miles program?
    The Yatra Miles Program (YMP) is a unique way to recognize and reward our new and regular customers with loyalty points or Yatra Miles on buying travel services with us. Each time you make a confirmed flight or domestic hotel booking at, you will be eligible to receive miles (points) that you can use to earn discounts on your future transactions at
  • When can I redeem these Yatra Miles?
    Once you have earned a minimum of 1000 Miles, you can redeem these for a Promotion Code that will entitle you to a discount on any other travel product purchased through You can login to the My Bookings section right away to check your current Yatra Miles balance and redeem these Miles.
  • How can I check my Yatra Miles balance?
    You can check your Yatra Miles balance through the My Bookings section. Your Yatra Miles account will be updated as per your latest flight and domestic hotel bookings. Do remember, while you can review your domestic flights and train bookings through the My Bookings section, the Yatra Miles in your account can be earned only on domestic flight bookings.
  • Does it cost anything to become a member of Yatra Miles program?
    No, membership to Yatra Miles is absolutely free. To start with, just make a domestic flight booking on our website and you will be instantly registered as a Yatra user. You can then login to the My Bookings section to check your Miles balance. As you book with and earn more Miles, you will have the choice to redeem these in lieu of discount on any future bookings that you make.
  • Will I earn Yatra Miles on all bookings?
    Currently only customers making domestic flight bookings on are eligible to earn Yatra Miles.
  • How do I earn Yatra Miles?
    Each time you visit and make an online domestic flight booking, you will earn Miles. Our program also allows you to earn miles on bookings that you do for others from your ID.
  • Do I earn Yatra Miles if I am using a promotion discount while making the booking?
    You will not earn any Yatra Miles if you use a promotion or discount code while booking a ticket or a hotel. Yatra Miles are applicable only when the full fare is paid by you.
  • How can I redeem the Yatra Miles earned?
    To redeem Yatra Miles, start by logging in to My Bookings and select the Redeem Miles option. From the Redeem Miles page, select the number of Miles that you want to redeem. Please note, Miles can only be redeemed in multiples of 500, e.g.: 500, 1000, 2000, etc. Based on the number of Miles redeemed, a Promotion Code will be emailed to you. You can use this Promotion Code while booking any product on Just remember, this Promotion Code will be valid only for the next three months.
  • How will I get the Promotion Code?
    Every time a request for redeeming Yatra Miles is submitted successfully, the Promotion Code that is generated will be emailed to your email address. This email address will be the one that you use to make booking on Yatra and to login to My Bookings.
  • Is there a maximum number of Miles that can be redeemed at one time?
    Yes, you can redeem no more than 8000 Miles at once.
  • Is there an expiry date on the Miles I earn?
    All Yatra Miles earned are valid for 365 days from the date on which those were earned. However, as the redemption process starts on December 9th, 2008, all Yatra Miles earned before this date will be valid till December 8th, 2009.
  • What is the conversion formula used when I redeem Miles for Promotion Codes?
    Yatra Miles are redeemed as per the following formula1:
    100 Yatra Miles = 16 Rupees
    That is, any time you redeem 500 miles, you will get a Promotion Code worth Rs 80.
  • What are the products on which I can use a Yatra Miles-generated Promotion Code?
    A Yatra Miles-generated Promotion Code can be used to avail a discount on any product on domestic and international flights, hotels and holidays. However, the discount will be applicable only the basic fare/tariff and not on taxes.
  • What happens if the value of my Promotion Code is more than the base fare?
    In case you use a Promotion Code to avail discount on a product for which the base fare is less than the value of the Promotion Code, then the difference in these two values will be forfeited. For example, if your Promotion Code is for Rs 500 but the base fare is only Rs 200, then the difference of Rs 300 will be lost. You will not be able to re-use the Promotion Code. So, while booking a product you find that the base fare is lower than the Promotion Code, then we would advise you to conserve the code and use it another time.
  • Is there anything else that I need to keep in mind while redeeming Yatra Miles?
    As you can see, the process for redeeming Yatra Miles is as simple as earning them! Just remember that any Miles redeemed for a Promotion Code cannot be reversed. Also, if you have redeemed Miles for a Promotion Code and then used that code to avail a discount, the Miles will not be reverted if you cancel the booking.