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Yatra Miles

How do you earn Yatra Miles?    |    How can you redeem Yatra miles?    |    More about Yatra Miles

What are Yatra Miles?

To put it simply, Yatra Miles is our loyalty program. Every time you make a confirmed flight or hotel booking on Yatra.com we credit your account with a certain number of Yatra Miles. You can then redeem these Miles for discounts on any other Yatra.com travel product.

How do you earn Yatra Miles?

Membership to the Yatra Miles program is easy. You become a Yatra Miles program member as soon as you make a confirmed flight or domestic hotel booking on our website. You don’t have to register separately, the email ID used to make the booking automatically becomes your Yatra ID.


Now, every time you confirm a flight or domestic hotel booking on Yatra.com, you earn a certain number of Miles.This number varies as per each booking. You can earn Yatra Miles on domestic and international flights as well as domestic hotel bookings.


Once your Yatra Miles balance reaches 1000, you can redeem the Miles for Yatra.com Promotion Codes. For every 100 Yatra Miles, you get 16 Rupees. Thus if you have 1000 miles in your account, you earn a Promotional Code worth Rupees 160.
How can you redeem Yatra miles?

Check your Yatra Miles balance by logging in to the My Bookings section, which gets updated with every new confirmed travel transaction.


You need to earn a minimum of 1000 Miles before you can use them to avail discounts on various travel products.


Once you have 1000 Miles in your account, you can redeem them for a Promotion Code that will entitle you to discount on any Yatra.com travel product such as domestic or international flights, hotels or holidays.


To redeem the earned Miles, select the Redeem Miles option from the left-menu of the My Bookings section. Specify the number of miles you want to convert.


Based on that, we will email the Promotion Code to the email ID you used to make these booking. This code is only valid for three months from the date of issue.


You can redeem a limit of 8000 Miles at a time.


Anything else that you need to know about Miles?
While the workings of the Yatra Miles program are quite simple, there are a few things you must remember:


Miles are valid if the travel was completed. You do not earn Miles on cancelled bookings.


If you use a promotion code or avail any other offer, then you are not eligible to earn Miles.


Yatra Miles are earned only on online bookings.


At any time, you can check your Yatra Miles balance through the My Bookings section, where the tally is updated for international flight and domestic hotel bookings as well. Though booking details are available only for domestic flights and trains.


For more information and answers to any other question, you can refer to our Yatra Miles FAQs section.
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