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Daring Adventure Sports in India

India is a pretty cool destination for adventure sports enthusiasts owing to its varied geological condition and climate. With seven major mountain ranges including the majestic Himalayas, half a dozen wild rivers, thousandfold acres of forests and oceans from three sides, India is a perfect destination to satiate your adventurous soul. If you are ready for some exploring; there are ample of opportunities for adventure activities in India to set your pulse racing.

Who would have thought that apart from being the hub of several MNC's, Gurgaon also serves as a hub for the thrill seekers? Fly in the sky through the motorized paragliding in Gurgaon or enjoy go-karting in a formula–k, bullet model with a 160 cc engine or climb the Aravalli hills. Explore the lush greenery and farm houses through flyboy air safari in Delhi along with activities like rock climbing, flying fox, artificial cliff jumping and zorbing. Not only Delhi, but even its neighboring states are known for some offbeat outdoor adventures. What better way is there to take in the incredible views than from thousands of feet above it all? Skydiving. Aligarh is the best place that offers extraordinary skydiving experience in Uttar Pradesh.

Top Adventure Activities In India

One of the core hungman fantasies since ages is surely flying. About 100 km from Mumbai is Kamshet that gives you an opportunity of flying and is your go-to destination for paragliding in Maharashtra. Apart from paragliding, there are dozens of adventure activities in Maharashtra. You can trek to Sudhagad Fort, do waterfall rappeling near Kasara, surf on the scenic shores of Gokarna, or kiteboard on Mandwa Beach.

Karnataka is not just famous for its flawless beauty and cultural dimensions, but also for its adventure sports. The magnificent waterfalls, rugged hill ranges, and dense forests are a perfect place for the daredevil activities like high rope navigating- crossing a river without getting wet. Then there is dirt biking, speeding through the mud and splashing it all over, along with skydiving, trekking, off-road driving, jet skiing, rock climbing, and angling. Karnataka is also home to many water-sport adventure activities like SCUBA diving in the clear and deep waters of Netrani in Murudeshwara. The pristine backwaters and scenic landscapes of Kerala offer you the thrills of mountain climbing and trekking. The Chembra Peak in Wayanad is an ideal place for mountain climbing. Other adventure activities in Kerala are paragliding, sea surfing, SCUBA diving, etc.

Adventure Things to Do in India

The country is fast emerging as the epitome of adventure sports in the world. Activities like Paragliding, SCUBA diving, parasailing and mountain climbing may be some of the popular adventure activities in India, but there are innumerable others that are gaining immense popularity.

So whenever you visit the country next, book yourself one of these adrenaline pumping adventures.