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Adventures in Mumbai

Despite being a concrete jungle, Mumbai does not fail to fascinate people. Mumbai has a quality of attracting travelers; its incredible aura has more people visiting the city every day.

Mumbai is not only about historic places, old streets, or local markets, it has many interesting things to offer to travelers. Adventures in Mumbai include exciting activities and sports for thrill-seekers. Helicopter rides are the best example. Go on a helicopter ride, 1000 feet above the ground and have a look at the wonderful city of Mumbai from a distance. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will astonish you with the beautiful panoramic views of the city.

Adventure Sports in Mumbai

The best place for adventure sports in Mumbai is the Della Adventure Park, located in Lonavala, which is a town near Mumbai. The Della Adventure Park features more than 50 exciting activities and sports. Enjoy activities like aqua zorbing, virtual boxing, mountain cycling, artificial rock climbing, and horse riding at this place. You can also indulge in sporting activities like table tennis and air hockey here. Camping at the Vaitarna Lake adds more to the list of Mumbai adventures. Around 18 km from Mumbai is the Vaitarna Lake in Thane, where you can enjoy camping at lakeside. Have a fun time with water sports like tubing, kayaking, and swimming. Add more to your adventure experiences with cliff jumping at the site.

You can opt for Mumbai adventure sports and activities on your visit and have a thrilling experience that completely differs from that of sightseeing and exploration tours.