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Classes & Workshops in Jaipur

Jaipur is treasure house of rich traditions and cultures of ancient India that are prevalent even to this day. It never ceases to surprise tourists with its major architectural attractions and numerous activities and workshops, conducted for the keen learners.

Workshops in Jaipur

The various classes & workshops in Jaipur range from cooking classes, dyeing classes, Bagru Block Painting workshops, and pottery workshops to creatis, art and craft workshops, block printing classes, and Yoga classes. Indulge in fun-filled cooking classes by going on a half-day cooking class, where you will get to visit the local markets, interact with the vendors, and learn to cook delicious local cuisines at a family home. Learn the culinary art of Rajasthan and take back home amazing recipes of the Rajput era. Pottery workshops in Jaipur also give you a unique experience by walking you through the entire process of making beautiful pots from clay. It is one of the must-do things when in Jaipur, as it will give you an insight into India’s historical pottery industry that depicted the creativity and thoughts of the maker. There are also various dance and music classes held in the city that teach different forms and techniques of music and dance.

Classes in Jaipur

For the art-lover, classes in Jaipur include art and craft workshops that will teach you the methods of creating beautiful indigenous products, by using artistic skills. Bagru Block Painting workshops are also interesting and fun. They involve making of printed textiles with the help of wood-carved designs, resulting in very beautiful patterns and end products. Dyeing classes, block printing classes, and creatis are also wonderful options for those who love art and crafts. You will get to see how much skill, creativity, and time are put in by the locals to create some stunning masterpieces! Go ahead and learn the basics of mind and body healing by attending the Yoga sessions. During the course, expert trainers will teach you different postures and meditation techniques for rejuvenating your mind and strengthening your body.

Add more to your vacation experience by joining the different classes & workshops in Jaipur and learn something new that will stay with you forever.