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Food In Ahmedabad

Nestled on the banks of the Sabarmati River, Ahmedabad has a rich and glorious history. Being the largest city in Gujarat, Ahmedabad is known for its lip-smacking and delicious vegetarian cuisine. However, some of the restaurants in the city also offer non-vegetarian delicacies. For some of the finest food and drinks in Ahmedabad, you must hunt a bit. Ahmedabad food has a peculiar taste. You will find a sweet flavor always prevalent in most of the food in the city. The people of Ahmedabad have adopted Gujarati style to cook their food.

Popular Ahmedabad Food

There is a plethora of shops and eating joints in the city, where you can taste the mouthwatering food. Gujarati Thali is something you must try. Gujarati meal consists of rotli, bread, vegetable curry and rice which are usually accompanied by a dessert. Also, there are lots of varieties of bread which include Thepla, Rotli, Puri, Maal Purah, Bhakhri and Puran-Pohli.

Food Tours in Ahmedabad

For the snack lovers, Ahmedabad has Ghari and Khakhra. Some of the famous dishes of Ahmedabad are Chevdoh, Undhiyu, Bhusu, Dal-Dhokli, Dhokla, Fafda, Sev Mamra and Papdi.

For a memorable experience when eating out in Ahmedabad, you can go for a private dinner to some of the best and most luxurious restaurants of the city. Also, you can go on food tours in Ahmedabad try some of the famous street foods in Ahmedabad. Moreover, visiting the local market will give you an idea of the type of food the city is known for. If you are looking for some of the good places to eat in Ahmedabad and you are a non-vegetarian, Hotel Moti Mahal is a good option for you. Located in the heart of the city, the hotel is known for its Mughlai food. Here, Biryani, mutton and Foil Chicken are some of the dishes you can’t say no to.