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Food in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to people who belong to different parts of India, people of different faiths, and people of different backgrounds. A concrete jungle with a pleasant weather, the city of Bangalore is a great blend of nature and modernism. From small huts to huge palaces, from road-side tea stalls to big restaurants, from local markets to brand outlets, Bangalore has much to offer!

Famous Bangalore Food

Take delight in eating some toothsome food at the many eateries across Bangalore. There are many famous places serving delicious food in Bangalore. Go on food trails or food walks and discover some of best places to for eating out in Bangalore.

If you ever feel homesick, there are many food tours Bangalore to calm your craving for home-cooked food. Mane Oota in Telecom Layout is one such place serving traditional Kannada meals cooked by a home-chef. You can go on a lot of food trails in many places in Bangalore.

Bangalore Food Tours

Shivajinagar is heaven for non-vegetarians, offering a variety of mutton, chicken, and beef items like biryani and kebabs that you can hog on. A breakfast walk tour through Basavanagudi, one of the places that offer the best South Indian food in Bangalore, is a must while you stay here. And, your meal is never complete without street food and sweets. On night food tour in Bangalore, try out some traditional South Indian sweets like holige and others. Besides the food, the city of Bangalore is also quite famous for its dazzling nightlife. To experience nightlife and have a close look at Bangalore’s party places, go on a pub crawl at MG road, one of the busiest and poshest streets of Bangalore, and visit the Arbor Brewing Company India, the Biere Club, and many other bars and restaurants on the tour.

There’s a lot more to Bangalore besides Bangalore food and nightlife. Vineyard and winery tours are other things that you can try here.