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Food Tours In Kolkata

Kolkata, more popularly known as the City of Joy, has a unique combination of heritage sites, renowned temples, and impressive pubs and food joints which make it one of the most bustling destinations in the country.

Kolkata not only offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, but also has a plethora of culinary delights to suit the palate of every traveler. Go on a food tour to discover what this city has to offer in terms of food. You will be awed to get a taste of Kolkata food which comprises not only of local Bengali cuisine but various other delicacies. Head to the Vivekananda Park to relish delicious ‘phuchkas’. Another common roadside delicacy is Chinese food which is an integral part of the food experience in Kolkata, which you can savor by heading out to Tangra Chinatown.

Delicious Kolkata Food

Food in Kolkata is a thing of delight for the people here who have a taste for every variety. From local roadside shacks to upscale restaurants, eating out in Kolkata is a unique experience. Visit Park Street which is a food lover’s paradise. For sweetmeats, you can visit the famous Ganguram’s. For Tibetan cuisine, you should head to Rabindra Sadan Metro Exit.

Kolkata Food Tours

There are many food tours in Kolkata which offer yummy street food as well. The South City Mall has plenty of eateries that serve lip-smacking street delicacies, such as momos, phuchkas, and sweets. Indulge in a delicious dinner on Kolkata food tour with a Bengali spread which is cooked typically in the traditional way.

If you are love with the local cuisine by now, enroll in one of the short-term culinary classes and learn the basics of cooking the traditional recipes. Kolkata food tours are a good way to know the culture of the city as well as treat yourself to the delicacies.

Enjoy your holidays in Kolkata as you explore the city and its hidden treasures.