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Food in Pune

Housing both the old and new India, Pune is nestled in the heart of Maharashtra. The city is taking steady and long strides towards development. Blessed with a vibrant culture and a pleasant climate, the city is surrounded by beautiful attractions like Lonavla. Home to many great and cheap cafes and bars, the city is an appropriate destination for young adults.

Food Tours in Pune

Food in Pune is an experience in itself as the city offers a wide range of diverse cuisines. Pune food comprises local cuisine as well as the cuisines adopted from all over India and abroad.

In order to get a taste of the food here, people must go for food tours of Pune and explore the different flavors that come their way. One of the finest food tours in Pune is the four-hour food walking tour, which is private. A walk through the aromatic lanes of the city will familiarize you to the different types of cuisines available here and will coax you to taste each of them. The food walking tour also happens in a group, for people who would like to interact with other people as they grab their bites.

Pune Food Tours

Other Pune food tours are also available to give you a sense of what the food in the city is actually like. In order to taste some really good food, people must go to the Malabari Feast in the city, which offers a range of Malabari dishes. The taste and the aroma of the place will make you rethink your concept of food. For people who love cheese, Pune offers you a real heaven. The city, among many other food tours, also offers a cheese trail, which starts with a walk across a cheese farm in the city. People can taste more than 70 varieties of cheese in the trail. Truly, a paradise.