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Best Luxury and Romance Activities to do in India

Special occasions call for special celebrations. And, when you are in India, be assured that the grandeur and opulence crosses all boundaries to glitter your moments. The ‘big fat Indian wedding’ is a phrase that often finds its mention when talks of ostentatious marriage function takes place around the world. Oozing with romance and luxury, India brims with activities that turn your auspicious ceremony into an unforgettable experience.

Be it a wedding or a honeymoon, there is no dearth of destinations to fuel the fire of love. There are loads of romantic activities to do in India that can add spark to your relationship. Goa is one of the preferred cities for all kinds of pomp and show. You can take your partner to a fine dining set-up on the beach while on a honeymoon or go on a Boat Cruise that promises all the romantic vibes. Kochi and Alappuzha are perfect for houseboat stays in the lush green environs amongst azure blue waters of Kerala. In the North, the magnificent palaces of Udaipur provide a royal setting to any romantic date or celebration. Private dinners with world cuisine options can be arranged by the lake in Udaipur too.

Even occasions like birthdays and anniversaries can be made grand in India by adding a luxurious experience to them. You can give a gift of adventure to your loved one by sending them on a Helicopter Joyride in Mumbai. A thrilling chopper ride in the skies of Delhi is an exciting option too. Or, simply rent a limousine in Gurugram for an evening and hit the finest party place to have a fun time. It is an exciting activity to do.

If you want to be pampered, there is no other extravagance like indulging in a couple spa to add to the romance. Visit any high-end spa chain around Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai or Mumbai to comfort your senses. The small town of Bekal and Palakkad in Kerala are known for its wellness programs too. There are many Ayurvedic massages that you can enjoy with your partner in the interiors of Hyderabad as well.

So next time, you think of celebrating an important event in your life, and India is the destination, make sure to book these best luxury and romance activities in the country to make it even more memorable.