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Outdoor Activities In Ahmedabad

Being the third fastest growing city in the world and enjoying a wonderful cultural tradition, Ahmedabad is known for its diversity and activities. There are a series of outdoor activities in Ahmedabad that you should not miss if you ever get the opportunity of traveling in this beautiful old city.

To know the core of Ahmedabad and its history, you can visit some of the famous historical sites in the city. You can explore different malls, multiplexes, and premier institutes to know more about the development and advancement in the city. Moreover, to know the essence of a place one must taste its food. For that, many street food joints commonly known as Khao Galis are present in Ahmedabad. Manechowk and Vastrapur are two of them. Also, one of the famous outdoor activities in Ahmedabad is to explore Gujari Bazaar which has been captured many times in movies as well. This mall of antiques should not be missed visiting.

Ahmedabad Outdoor Activities

Other Ahmedabad outdoor activities include visiting the Pols of the city which will give you an idea about lifestyle and living space and going to Manek Chawk to experience the dazzling street life and changing mood of the place. One can see three different pictures of this place in a day. In the morning, it’s a vegetable market, in the afternoon, it will be seen as a jewelry market, and in the evening, it can be seen turned into a food market.

Moreover, if you are a bibliophile and a lover of history, one of the best outdoor activities in Ahmedabad is visiting Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum. It has a wide range of ancient books. Manuscripts, ancient and medieval era relics in the form of sculptures, carvings, and art treasures can also be found there.