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Outdoor Activities In Kolkata

There is a lot more than just the heritage monuments and scrumptious food in Kolkata. The fun-filled outdoor activities in Kolkata add more to the popularity of the city.

From shopping and wildlife tours to helicopter rides, there are plenty of things to do in the city. The colorful and bustling street markets of Kolkata have everything that you need and are the go-to places for shopping enthusiasts. Kolkata outdoor activities include tours to the popular attractions here. Witness architectural wonders on your visit to Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, Victoria Memorial, Belur Math, and Fort William or tour along the streets of Kolkata by renting bikes and have a fun time with friends. Bird watching in the Indian Botanic Garden is something that nature lovers will love and is one of the best outdoor activities in Kolkata that one can take up. For astronomy lovers, Birla Planetarium is the ideal place to go. You can learn plenty of things about galaxies, the universe, and the solar system in this astronomical observatory. Also, do not miss out on the helicopter ride over Kolkata, giving you an unforgettable experience and beautiful views of the city from high above. There are numerous spots for perfect camping and trekking trips and outdoor adventures in Kolkata. Go-karting is another thing that you can do here. The city has some best theme and water parks where you can have a joyous time with your family and enjoy a number of adventure and water rides.

Kolkata Outdoor Activities

Sundargram is a great weekend spot in Kolkata, where you can enjoy fishing/angling and have a relaxing time away from the city. The list of Kolkata’s outdoor activities is not complete without a mention about the exciting jungle safaris in Sundarban. A river cruise deep inside the forest and animal spotting add more to your experience. Golfing at one of the golf clubs or horse riding/horseback riding are the other things that you can do here.

The diverse facets of Kolkata have something for everybody and ensure a remarkable holiday with all the exciting activities and things to do.