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Tours in Kolkata

Wander through the streets of Kolkata in a quest to explore the cultural, intellectual, and artistic capital of India. With trams, Victorian-style architectural works, and colonial-era clubs, the City of Joy reminds you of the British Raj. The city, laying along the banks of river Ganga, has a heritage as dense as its population. Be it the people, food, music, literature, or the movies, Kolkata unravels in front of you like a historical tale.

Kolkata City Tours

Kolkata city tours are plenty and sightseeing in Kolkata is a must for every traveler. Head to the famous flower market and explore the diverse colors of Kolkata. Visit Jain Temple, also known as the ‘Jewel Box Temple’, and explore the beautiful mirrors, stones, and glass mosaics of the temple. Take a taxi ride through the busy city streets of Kolkata or walk past the Maidan. Take a boat ride on the Hooghly River and witness the sun set behind the Howrah Bridge. Sit with a local family of Kolkata, enjoy a cup of chai, and discover the nuances of the local lifestyle. Explore the art of Kantha stitch and witness the trade in action. Also, you can take a photography tour, capturing the beauty of food carts, pulled rickshaws, Ambassador taxis, and street vendors on your camera. And, it’s never too late to take a walk around Vivekananda Park and gulp down some phuchkas. Some of the best places to visit in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, and Birla Mandir. Sightseeing tour in Kolkata is incomplete without a visit to Tagore Museum. The shrine-like museum of India’s greatest modern poet is filled with well-chosen quotations and photos.

Kolkata Sightseeing Tours

The charming locales of the city form a scenic backdrop for wonderful Kolkata tours. Venture off on tours in Kolkata and experience the life amidst the bustling streets. Rest assured, sightseeing in Kolkata will inspire you and charm you to the core.