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Transfers and Transport Activities in India

India is always bustling with life and people on the move, be it for business or leisure travel. Without a doubt there is a wide variety of things to do in India and innumerable activities in India that attract travellers - domestic and international, through the year. As a result the Government and private players in the market are working towards providing the best transfers and transport facilities in India for the convenience of tourists and travellers.

The country is served by 26 International and 64 Domestic airports as of now, and most of the airports are well-connected to the city centre. International airports usually have luxury car rental services available, or else private taxis are easily obtained. In luxury car rentals, International brands as Hertz have a centre at airports of most metros and big cities, as do other high end radio cabs. Some of the popular car rentals/cab services include Fast Track in Chennai, Comfort Travel in Ahmedabad, Zoom car in Pune, Kochi and Chennai.

Private cab services are especially useful if you need to go to another nearby town from your city of de-boarding, as they offer luxury car rentals. Many private players that offer luxury travel have a wide range of luxury cars, and you can avail of any kind of car from a Toyota Camry to Skoda Superb, and even a BMW 3 series to Audi A3 or Mercedes C class or B class - so take your pick.

The metro cities of Chennai and Delhi have a rapid metro service from the airport to the city centre, and these provide for a smooth and quick transfer.

Luxury hotels in most cities and towns of India offer a pickup and drop facility, from and to the airport. At the time of booking your hotel you can check with them for airport transfer facility and request for the same. This is often a complimentary service, but some hotels/resorts may charge a fee too, so it is better to check and confirm the same. In tourist towns as Khajuraho, Ahmedabad, Bhubaneshwar, Udaipur and Agra such facilities are easily availed by even a day’s prior advance information to the hotel of stay, and most hotels offer this service complimentary.

Presently the Government is also focusing on developing five ports as cruise terminals, these being ports in Mumbai, Mormugao in Goa, Kochi, Mangalore and most recently Chennai. These terminals have all the facilities of an airport, including cab services to the city centre. So port transfers are not a problem for docking ship passengers.

There is no dearth of transport activities in India, though you may not always get the complete luxury travel you expect, some mode of transport would be available, from auto rickshaws in small towns of UP to boats in the Kerala backwaters - India can be an experience in every way!