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Air Asia India Flight Status Check Status

Air Asia India Flight Status

Air Asia India is a joint venture of Malaysia-based airline Air Asia Berhad. The airline started its operations in 1996. Being the third largest low cost carrier in India after IndiGo and SpiceJet, Air Asia is the first foreign airline to setup a subsidiary in India which has a larger stake of Tata Group. Headquartered in Chennai, the airlines initially planned to serve the Tier II and Tier III cities only from the Chennai airport, but later it was announced that the low cost carrier would connect the Tier I cities as well. Since its inception the carrier has stuck to its primary goal and slogan “ Now, Everyone can Fly.” The seats have been being offered at reasonable fares. The carrier offers the best of exceptional services and comfortable flying.

For availability of cheap flight tickets, advanced bookings are recommended. On some seats you can enjoy extra leg room. Guests have the option of choosing a preferred seat whether an aisle or a window seat. Flights less than 75 minutes serve snacks. Longer flights offer the luxury of making a selection from a varied menu which comprises of vegetarian and international fares. Guests have the option of pre-booking an inflight meal if they want to enjoy hot meals on board.

Yatra.com’s live flight tracker

Get to the airport without wasting time. With yatra.com’s online flight tracker going live you can look forward to a hassle-free journey. No longer do you have to worry about the right flight timings and flight delays. You will not have to wait for a delayed flight again. You can use this tracker to update yourself on real-time flight information. The flight tracker will provide up-to-minute information on the flight arrival status, flight timings and flight delays of all international and domestic flights. If your loved ones or family members are travelling, you can easily track the flight information such as current flight status, and the flight departure time. Enjoy peace of mind as you explore the live flight tracker which will furnish you with all relevant travel details which include flight schedule, airport delay information and flight status.

How to check flight details

This real-time flight tracker will help lessen the stress related to arriving at airports and tracking the current status of your flight. With the help of Yatra.com’s flight tracker, simply add details of your flight in the fields provided on the page and view the real time information related to your flight.


Q.  Does AirAsia fly to Sydney from Mumbai and where can I find the AirAsia Flight Status for these sectors?
A. AirAsia offers Flights from Mumbai to Sydney which lasts for sixteen hours with a stop at Kuala Lumpur airport popularly known as KLIA. The AirAsia Flight Status regarding these sectors can be obtained on the website.

Q. If I have loyalty points in AirAsia, what are the provisions for it?
A. AirAsia provides Big Loyalty every time you book a Flight, and therefore it can be used in the next or future Flight bookings.

Q. What is ASR in AirAsia Flights?
A. ASR is Advance Seat Request in AirAsia Flights which means that you have to pay a fee for advance seat booking. The seat can be assigned or reassigned at any time even after boarding the Flight. If anyone wants to move to higher value seats it is generally not allowed.

Q. What should I do if I miss a connecting Flight while travelling with AirAsia?
A. If you miss a connecting Flight due to any delay of the origin of Flight of AirAsia, it entitles you to provide with another free movable Flight to the final destination without any additional charge.

Q. Name some popular routes of AirAsia in India?
A. AirAsia offers some domestic routes in India especially from Hyderabad-Bengaluru, Pune-Tiruchirapalli, Baghdogra- Guwahati, New Delhi-Pune and many other AirAsia Flight Status details which can be obtained on its webpage or app or Yatra.com

Q. If I wish to complain about my delayed or damaged baggage, how can I do it?
A. If you wish to complain about delayed or damaged baggage by travelling through AirAsia you can keep the baggage receipt and file a complaint about damaged goods within seven days after having received your baggage. For delayed delivery, you can file within twenty-one days of the date. The complaint should be posted to them in writing.

Q. Will I get any compensation if my Flight is cancelled?
A. AirAsia provides no compensation as such for cancelled Flights but offers another Flight if any change or cancellation or delay from their side without any additional charge. In some Flights, it also retains the fare for a span of three months and you can use it when you wish to fly. AirAsia flight status updates would inform you about any flight cancellations.

Q. How will I be informed of my AirAsia Flight Status in terms of Flight cancellations?
A. If your AirAsia Flight Status reads cancelled or delayed, AirAsia provides all the information regarding the same. AirAsia sends messages, or even customer support calls to keep you stress-free along with other options of Flights in case of changes in the AirAsia Flight Status .

Q. Is AirAsia a low cost flying airline?
A. AirAsia is a low cost flying airline with a lot of affiliates present and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur. It also serves as a cargo airline.

Q. Is there any way of tracking live Flight details for immediate AirAsia Flight Status updates?
A. Yatra.com provides a hassle-free travelling experience with AirAsia as it gives a live Flight tracker which update information about the AirAsia Flight Status in terms of delays, cancellations, Flight schedules etc. The following link provides the AirAsia Flight Status details:
https://www.yatra.com/domestic-airlines/air-asia-india-Flight- status

Q. What is the procedure for AirAsia Flight Status updates for economy passengers?
A. This airline is widely used in Asian countries, and AirAsia Flight Status updates can be checked through the webpage of AirAsia or its app. Even travel webpage providers like Yatra.com give accurate details of the fight timings and schedule.

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