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Jet Airways Web Check-in

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Various Options in Jet Airways Web Check-in Service

What is web check-in?

Web check-in is a process by which passengers verify their presence on a flight through the internet. Typically they can also print their e-boarding passes. Passengers may also select their seat for a nominal price.

Jet Airways Web Check in FAQs

Q. Can web check-in be done through Yatra?
A. You can web check-in through the website of Yatra.com.

Q. How many hours before departure can web check-in be done?
A. AirAsia For domestic flights, you can web check-in between 12 hours to 1 hour before departure depending upon your class of travel. For international flights, you can web check-in between 12 hours to 2 hours before departure depending upon your class of travel.

Q. What information is needed to web check-in?
A. For Jet Airways web check-in, you will have to name.
  • Departure city
  • First name
  •  Last name
  • JetPrivilege membership number
  • E-ticket number 

Q. How does one web check-in for domestic flights?
A. To web check-in for domestic flights, simply log onto the website of Jet Airways. Click on ‘My Trip’ to find the field of ’web check-in’. Next, you have to type:
  • Departure city
  • First name
  •  Last name
  • PNR (booking reference number)
  • JetPrivilege membership number
  • E-ticket number 

After that, click on ‘Check Me In!’ to web check-in with Jet Airways on domestic flights. Your e-boarding pass will reach your email inbox.

Q. How does one web check-in for international flights?
A. To web check-in for international flights on Jet Airways, log onto their website. Select ‘My Trip’ to activate the field of ‘web check-in’. This will take you to a page where you have to state:
  • Departure city
  • First name
  •  Last name
  • PNR (booking reference number)
  • JetPrivilege membership number
  • E-ticket number 

Click on ‘Check Me In’ and your e-boarding card/ confirmation slip will arrive in your email inbox.

Q. Is web check-in meant for everyone??
A. Web check-in facilities are available to everyone with a valid Jet Airways PNR from the airlines and holders of the confirmed e-ticket. Guests travelling with children and infants can also web check-in. However, this facility is not available to guests with:
  • Special service requests
  • Wait listed or open bookings
  • Staff travel and upgrade vouchers, industry discount or agent discount tickets
  • Interline or codeshare PNR where the originating sector is that of another airline
  • JetPrivilege membership number
  • A mismatch of names on the PNR and documents presented at the time of check-in.

Q. How does one avail extra leg-space?
A. You can book seats with extra leg-space through ‘Seat Select’ at the time of your booking, depending on availability, for a small fee. You can also avail of seats with extra leg-space when you web check-in, depending on availability. Emergency seats are not offered to:
  • Guests with limbs in plaster-casts.
  • Guests with disabilities.
  • Guests accompanied with service animals.
  • Guests travelling with children or infants.

Q. How many passengers can be web checked-in at one go?
A. Web check-in is allowed for a maximum of nine guests per PNR or and Group PNRs with four segments.

Q. How do we get the boarding pass after web check-in?
A. After you web check-in, the e-boarding pass will be emailed to you. Please carry a copy of the pass with you to the airport.

Q. What happens if the boarding pass cannot be printed during the web check-in?
A. If you cannot print your boarding pass during web check-in, you can print it later at the self check-in kiosks at the airport. Alternately, present yourself at the airport counter before closing time and check-in.

Q. Can web check-in be done with luggage?
A. Yes, you can web check-in with luggage. However, you have to be present at the airport to drop off your checked-in luggage at the airport counter for tagging.

Q. How many types of Jet Airways check-in are available?
A. Jet Airways offers you the following check-in procedures: 

• Web Check-in

• Counter Check-in at the airport

• Tweet Check-in: With #JetInstant, passengers can check-in by following the official twitter handle @jetairways. To check-in send a Direct Message (DM): #checkin

• Through Check-in: When you through check-in, your boarding passes and luggage tags will be issued up to your final destination for a hassle-free journey, as long as your complete journey is on the same ticket 

• Metro Check-in: In association with Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Delhi International Airport Limited, Jet Airways allows you to check-in at the New Delhi Metro Station, where you can collect your boarding pass and check-in your baggage at dedicated check-in counters between 0630 AM to 2130 PM.

• One-time check-in on return journey: If you are taking two flights within 24 hours, that is, if your return flight or onward flight is within 24 hours of departure, you can check-in for both the flights just once. This facility is not available for guests with luggage in the return or onward flight. 

• Mobile Check-in: Passengers can mobile check-in from their mobile device if they visit the website of jetairways.com or download the apps on their smart phones, select their seats for a nominal fee and e-mail their e-boarding passes. 

• Priority Check-in: Purchase the service of 'Priority Advantage' for a nominal fee to check-in on priority at designated airport counters and have your luggage tagged for priority handling upon arrival".

• Kiosk Check-in: Passengers with e-tickets can kiosk check-in at airports with kiosk facilities to generate their boarding passes and proceed to security check.

• Express Check-in: Passengers departing from Bangalore and Hyderabad can use this facility where they have to scan the barcode on their e-tickets/types in their PNR at the airport express check-in machine to generate printed boarding passes with allocated seats on the aircraft. 

• Tele Check-in: Passengers can call the Jet Airways Call Center or the Reservation and Ticketing Office to tele check-in and choose their preferred seats but the boarding passes have to be collected at the airport counter. 

Q. How early does one need to reach the airport after web check-in?
A. It depends upon whether or not you have check-in luggage. For domestic travel you have to be present at the check-in counter at least 45 minutes before departure to drop off your luggage for tagging. For international travel you have to be present at the check-in counter at least 3 hours prior to departure to drop off your luggage for tagging. Without luggage, you can be present 60 minutes before departure to exchange your e-boarding pass for a manual boarding pass upon verification.

Q. Is it important to carry ID even after web check-in?
A. Yes, it is important to carry your valid photo identification document even after you web check-in for security verification in the domestic sector. For international travel, it is required for issuing the manual boarding pass in exchange for the e-boarding pass at the airport counter and for security checks.

Q. Can web check-in be cancelled?
A. Yes. If you do not wish to fly after you web check-in, cancellation fee can be levied depending upon your class of travel, ticket, and time left towards the commencement of journey. 

Q. Do the frequent flyers get any benefit from web check-in?
A. AirAsia No, frequent flyers do not currently enjoy any added benefit from web check-in.

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