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agatti island Airport Information

Agatti Aerodrome Address
Agatti Aerodrome
Airport Rd
Lakshadweep 682553

Enquiries Number: 91 4894 242 615

Agatti Airport, Agatti Island

Agatti Airport, also known as the Agatti Aerodrome, is located at the southern end of the Agatti island in the Union Territory of Lakshadweep (India). It was inaugurated on April 16, 1988 and is the single airstrip in the entire archipelago, situated off the west coast of the country. Initially, it was built mainly for managing operations of Dornier 228 kind of aircraft. Agatti Airport is operated and managed by Airports Authority of India. It provides direct flights to Kochi. Agatti Airport is linked to most parts of the country via Kochi Airport.

Terminals Trivia

Agatti Airport has a single terminal, with only one boarding gate currently handling domestic flights. There is one check-in and one security counter within the terminal, spread over an area of 566 square meters. The capacity of this terminal is 25 each for departures and arrivals.

Shop, Eat, and Relax

There are plenty of facilities available at Agatti Airport for the passengers. The airport has 2 X-ray baggage screening facilities for the convenience and security of travelers. You will be pleased to learn that wheelchairs, luggage trolleys, and medical facilities are available free of cost at the airport. If you are hungry, visit the snack bar and beverage center at the airport.

Transport Facilities

There is no direct railway facility for the Agatti Island. However, you can board trains for Cochin and avail flight or ship facilities to reach the island. There are auto-rickshaws outside the Agatti Airport that can be hired at nominal rates. These will take you to your desired destinations. If you do not fancy traveling by foot, you can hire a bicycle too.

Are you looking for a place to stay?

There are very few hotels on the island owing to its small size. Moreover, tourists are only allowed to enter the island once they obtain confirmation of their accommodation. The hotels must procure Entry Permit from the Lakshadweep Administration on behalf of their guests. If you are looking for an economical stay, you will get bed and breakfast at Kasims Home Stay. It is at a convenient distance from the airport. Other accommodation options include Agatti Beach Island Resort (AIBER) and Sea Shells Beach Resort. Also, there are two types of cottages in the Agatti Island Beach Resort - Standard Cottage and Deluxe Cottage. Standard Cottages are little smaller than the deluxe cottages with facilities like 24-hour Wi-Fi facilities, gym, spa, swimming pools, and transport arrangements provided by the hotel authority. Deluxe cottages have some additional facilities that make them far more preferable.

Explore Agatti Island!

Agatti is a 5.6-km long island brimming with coral growths, multi-colored fishes, and sea turtles. Indulge in adventurous aquatic sports like snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, fishing, sailing, and water skiing on the beaches. There are many small local shops and markets from where you can buy souvenirs and trinkets to carry back home. You can also visit the Golden Jubilee Museum which displays carves of the traditional Minicoy sailboats called ‘jagdhoni’, antique jars, pots, wooden chests, and beautiful designer collection of gold coins. When here, do not forget to pay a visit to the Mohiyudeen Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in Lakshadweep.


Q. What are the most popular airlines - domestic and international - that operate from Agatti Island airport?
A. Air India and Air India Regional are the most popular airlines that operate from Agatti Island airport.

Q. Which are the cheap flights - domestic and international- that operate from Agatti Island airport?
A. Air India is the cheap flight that operates from Agatti Island airport.

Q. What is the airport code for Agatti Island airport?
A. The airport code for Agatti Island airport is AGX.

Q. Which is the most frequent international route from Agatti Island airport? 
A. There are no international flights from this airport.

Q. Which is the most frequent domestic route from Agatti Island airport? 
A. Agatti Island to Bangalore is one of the most frequent domestic routes from Agatti Island airport.

Q. Which is the first flight from Agatti Island airport?
A. The only flight from Agatti Island Airport is Air India 9I - 9506, which takes off from the airport at 11:55 AM for Kochi.

Q. Which is the last flight from Agatti Island airport?
A. The only flight from Agatti Island Airport is Air India 9I - 9506, which takes off from the airport at 11:55 AM for Kochi.

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