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Flight From City Bongo

  • IXG
  • Spicejet
  • 17:55
    13 Aug 01h 15m
  • 19:10
  • 01h 15m Non Stop
  • Rs.1,698
  • Sambre IXG
    Shamshabad Rajiv Gandhi HYD
  • Book Now
    Rs. 1,698
  • IXG
  • Spicejet
  • 17:05
    13 Aug 01h 20m
  • 18:25
  • 01h 20m Non Stop
  • Rs.2,892
  • Sambre IXG
    Shamshabad Rajiv Gandhi HYD
  • Book Now
    Rs. 2,892
  • IXG
  • Indigo
  • 10:00
    13 Aug 12h 00m
  • 22:00
  • 12h 00m 1 Stop
  • Rs.4,255
  • Sambre IXG
    Shamshabad Rajiv Gandhi HYD
  • Book Now
    Rs. 4,255
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Flights from Belgaum – The City of Scenic Beauty

Belgaum is located in Karnataka’s Northwestern region, about 502 km from Bangalore. The region is full of lush forests and rivers flowing through the hills. Some of the major attractions in and around Belgaum include the Gokak Falls, Anshi National Park, Dudhsagar Waterfalls, and Jamboti. The Belgaum Airport, named as Sambre Airport, is served by only one of the top domestic airlines i.e., SpiceJet, that operates only domestic flights. For international flights from Belgaum, you can visit the nearest airports located in Goa, Bangalore, Mumbai, Mangalore, and Hyderabad. The nearest international airport to Belgaum is in Bangalore and you can drive or take a bus or train to reach Bangalore. It takes about 7 hours and 35 minutes by road and about 10 hours and 53 minutes by rail.

How to reach major cities of India from Belgaum

Top domestic airlines fly to major cities across India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, etc. Enjoy a hassle-free flight to Mumbai with close to 15 direct flights per week provided by SpiceJet at convenient flight schedules and cheap air tickets. The lowest ticket fare available is Rs. 2,141 only! With SpiceJet, you can have an amazing flying experience as it offers great in-flight and airport perks. Web check-in, priority check-in, Bag Out First, SpiceLounge, hot meals, SpiceClub card, senior citizen discount, baggage allowance, etc are some of the facilities. Sambre Airport provides numerous facilities for passengers, including VIP rooms and ample parking space.

How to reach major cities of the world from Belgaum

Bangalore Airport is served by international flights to many cities like Dubai, London, Singapore, Lisbon, New York, Muscat, etc. Singapore is a dream destination for many travelers, who can fly with popular airlines such as Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia, Emirates, Air India, Lufthansa, Vistara, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, IndiGo, Jet Airways, etc. that ply close to 7 direct flights and 400 connecting flights weekly from Bangalore. Enjoy the perks offered by the Economy Class of Singapore Airlines, such as special meals, comfortable seating with more legroom and personal space, and entertainment facilities. The other traveling classes like First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Suites also come with amazing facilities for a luxurious flying experience. They fly you over the layover airports of Bangkok, Chennai, New Delhi, Mumbai, Doha, Kuala Lumpur, Kolkata, etc.

Yatra provides solutions to all your travel needs, right from flight schedules, bookings to cheap air tickets, lowest fare via our Lowest Fare Finder, and much more. It is your one-stop-shop for all travel related information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: How do I book myself a flight with the shortest distance from Belgaum to Bangalore ? By Thangarajan on Jun 26,2018
    A: You can go online and choose Non-Stop Flights on the route and travel to your destination covering the shortest distance possible, in the least time. By Chakori on Jun 26,2018
  • Q: Can I book the shortest distance flight flying on the Belgaum to Mumbai route? By Soneesh on Jun 26,2018
    A: If you are pressed for time and want to save time by completing your air journey in the shortest time then you should book yourself a Non-Stop Flight that covers the shortest distance. By Ayushmati on Jun 26,2018
  • Q: How will you refund the money if I cancel my flight ticket? By Xitij on Jun 25,2018
    A: Once you cancel your ticket, the value of the refund will be credited back to your card in about one week’s time. By Magana on Jun 25,2018
  • Q: If I cancel my booked flight, what kind of a refund policy do you have in place? By Amartya on Jun 25,2018
    A: After cancellation of the ticket, the due refund amount will be transferred back to the card you had used to make the payment. Expect the process to take about a week. By Manishankar on Jun 25,2018
  • Q: What are the offers available on Belgaum to Bangalore flights? By Chinar on Jun 24,2018
    A: If you are travelling by Belgaum to Bangalore flight you can get best offer price on tickets by booking at least six weeks in advance. Check the Special Deals page in for current offers on this route. By Selma on Jun 24,2018
  • Q: What offers does Yatra give on the Belgaum to Mumbai route? By Prabhakar on Jun 24,2018
    A: Yatra has a Special Deals page where all current offers for flights can be found. You can find the link to this page on the top right navigation of the Yatra homepage. If you are a registered user, you can avail your ecash when booking your flight and get further discounts. If you are a new user, download the Yatra App and get special discounts. By Rajanigandha on Jun 24,2018
  • Q: Which is the best way to find lowest airfare for Belgaum to Bangalore X route? By Ratnabhu on Jun 23,2018
    A: To get the lowest airfare for your chosen date, view the fare meter on the flights results page, that shows the lowest to highest fares over three weeks of your chosen date. While the top navigation shows you lowest airfare for each day. By Sahor on Jun 23,2018
  • Q: How can I get the lowest airfare on flights from Belgaum to Mumbai? By Sati on Jun 23,2018
    A: After you enter your flight details on the search box, the flight results page shows you the lowest airfare for each day over three weeks, on the top bar. You can also view the fare meter on the left that shows you the lowest and highest airfare over this period. By Deep on Jun 23,2018
  • Q: Is it mandatory to pay an insurance fee for my flight? By Chitrangada on Jun 22,2018
    A: Not at all. You are, however, advised to pay the insurance fee because it is a small sum, and recommended from a safety point of view. By Adhira on Jun 22,2018
  • Q: I am planning to take a flight, do I have to pay an insurance fee? By Ganga on Jun 22,2018
    A: You are recommended to pay an insurance fee because it is a minimal amount and is for your safety. However, it is not mandatory for the customer. By Gunjana on Jun 22,2018
  • Q: Can I get food on a flight? By Jeevika on Jun 21,2018
    A: You have the option to pre-book you meal or buy once aboard if you are flying a budget airline. A full-service flight on the same route will serve you a meal without even you having to ask for it. You can also pre-book your meal of choice on a full-service flight. By Shrenik on Jun 21,2018
  • Q: Do airlines provide food? By Poornima on Jun 21,2018
    A: All the airlines offer in-flight meals, though on low cost carriers you need to pay additional and book this in advance. A few serve snacks while others provide full meals depending on the duration and the distance of the flight. By Gajinder on Jun 21,2018
  • Q: How do I keep myself entertained while flying? By Sannath on Jun 20,2018
    A: In-flight entertainment screens are loaded with a plethora of entertainment options like music, movies, animation, games, and more, if you have opted to travel Business Class. If you choose to fly the Economy Class then you will have the in-flight magazine, and the shopping catalogue to keep you busy. By Suryesh on Jun 20,2018
  • Q: Does the flight provide any entertainment options? By Nupura on Jun 20,2018
    A: You can choose to read from magazines, newspapers and even the official in-flight magazine of the airline consisting of engaging travelogues, food and fashion articles. If you have booked yourself a Business Class ticket then you can expect to have an entertainment screen with pre-loaded movies, music, games, cartoons and more. By Rehaan on Jun 20,2018
  • Q: What kind of inflight amenities can I expect on Economy class? By Ilamurugu on Jun 19,2018
    A: Low cost carriers in Economy class give only basic amenities as drinking water, in-flight magazine and web check-in. You can however choose to pre-book your in-flight meal by paying additional. High end carriers on the other hand do provide meals and inflight entertainment screens to all passengers. By Mangala on Jun 19,2018
  • Q: Are there any benefits of flying Economy class? By Timin on Jun 19,2018
    A: Economy class does have certain basic benefits to it. In high end carriers you can enjoy complimentary meals as well as inflight entertainment screens. Low cost carriers only provide the basics of web check-in facility and drinking water on flight. However meals can be pre-booked at an added cost. By Subhuja on Jun 19,2018
  • Q: What will be the amount of e-cash I can use on a Belgaum to Bangalore flight? By Apurva on Jun 18,2018
    A: When you make a domestic flight booking, you can use e-cash worth Rs 500 or 2.5% of ticket price, whichever is lesser. The Yatra e-cash will be deducted automatically from the total booking amount. By Megha on Jun 18,2018
  • Q: When booking Belgaum to Mumbai flight, what value of Yatra e-cash can I use? By James on Jun 18,2018
    A: You can use e-cash upto Rs 500 or 2.5% of the ticket price, whichever is lower on domestic airlines booking. The Yatra e-cash will get automatically deducted from your total booking amount. By Mimansa on Jun 18,2018
  • Q: How do I know if there is any offer running on the flights booking? By Tana on Jun 17,2018
    A: If you are looking for deals and discounts on flights, then you should click on the Special Deals on the main page of Yatra. You can also download the mobile app to get special discounts, if you have not already done so. By Daksh on Jun 17,2018
  • Q: Can I get any discounts on the flight booking? By Prashant on Jun 17,2018
    A: You can go to Yatra and look for Special Deals which will take you to the latest deals and discounts page on flights. By Ayavanth on Jun 17,2018
  • Q: Please tell me about cheap air fares on Belgaum to Bangalore routes? By Shyamal on Jun 16,2018
    A: Yatra’s Flight Fare Compare page shows you the lowest fares over a period of a month and you can select the cheapest air fare. If you are a registered customer, it is advised to make use of your eCash to get more discounts. By Kuyil on Jun 16,2018
  • Q: I want to fly on Belgaum to Mumbai route. How do I land a cheap airfare? By Hemakshi on Jun 16,2018
    A: Best way is to book your flight about six weeks in advance on a budget airline to get a cheap airfare. Further check on the Special Deals page, and avail the ongoing discounts. Also by downloading the Yatra App and signing up, you will be entitled to some special discounts. By Havish on Jun 16,2018
  • Q: I am planning to cancel my flights. What is the Cancellation Protection policy? By Sonali on Jun 15,2018
    A: You will not have to pay an additional cancellation fee under the Cancellation Protection policy. But this applies to those who have bought a Cancellation Protection at an additional amount of Rs 499 per passenger at the time of booking. By Neel on Jun 15,2018
  • Q: What is Cancellation Protection? Does it apply if I cancel my flights? By Omana on Jun 15,2018
    A: In case you cancel your journey you will not have to shell out anything extra by way of cancellation fee if you have taken the Cancellation Protection. The Cancellation Protection is made available at an add-on of Rs 499 per person at time of booking. By Manas on Jun 15,2018
  • Q: How much cancellation fee do I have to pay for a Belgaum to Bangalore flight? By Svayambhut on Jun 14,2018
    A: Cancellation fee that you would need to pay would depend on the airline, as each airline has their own policy. You can login to My Bookings section of Yatra and check this amount under Modify Bookings. By Aditi on Jun 14,2018
  • Q: Can you tell me the amount of Cancellation fee to be paid for a Belgaum to Mumbai flight? By Vikramendra on Jun 14,2018
    A: The Cancellation fee amount will vary as per the airline and route you have selected. You can check this amount in the Modify Bookings section of My Bookings on By Krishnakanta on Jun 14,2018
  • Q: Is the Business Class more comfortable than the Economy Class? By Taamir on Jun 13,2018
    A: Business Class offers more comfort and privacy than Economy Class. You can travel without hassles, and stress. You won’t have to travel in a cramped up space or sleep while sitting. With a Business Class ticket you get a spacious seat, better quality food, a wide choice of entertainment and even access to lounge. By Ziare on Jun 13,2018
  • Q: Does Business Class offer more facilities than Economy? By Sundha on Jun 13,2018
    A: Business Class gives you more facilities at a higher price. You get to travel comfortably in a bigger seat with a flat-bed and more legroom. The meal offered is of a premium standard in terms of variety and quality. You also get served alcohol if you wish to relax aboard and watch and listen to a plethora of entertainment options on the smart screen. By Lohita on Jun 13,2018
  • Q: Why is it advised to go for advance booking when flying? By Yash on Jun 12,2018
    A: It’s always better to go for advance booking when booking flights as you can get the best rates. You have the option to book 6 to 11 months in advance, depending on the airline you have selected. Generally a gap of of 6- 8 weeks between your time of booking and date of travel is suggested. By Abdul-Wadood on Jun 12,2018
  • Q: Can I book my flight tickets in advance? By Jui on Jun 12,2018
    A: You can and must do advance booking for your flights. This way you can save money and get to choose from different airlines. Bookings open 6 to 11 months in advance, however 6 to 8 weeks of advance booking is enough to get best choices and prices. By Pulish on Jun 12,2018

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Top Rated Airlines

    • Z

      on 2018-06-10

      Five star experience

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • D

      on 2018-05-06

      very good

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • A

      on 2018-04-17

      If possible work on better performance of AC.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • S

      on 2018-02-06

      Thank you Yatra

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • U

      on 2018-01-30


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • B

      on 2018-01-29

      Flight was worst. I felt like travelling in a local city bus. Landing was so horrible.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely

    • P

      on 2018-01-23


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • S

      on 2017-12-26

      Nothing much

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • P

      on 2017-12-15

      Spicejet should increase the check in baggage allowance to 30 kg as international customers like us do not travel with just 15kg..

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • N

      on 2017-03-07

      Belgaum to Chennai AC not working in Flight and Bangalore to Chennai very pathetic performance 5 Hrs late . Not proper response from ground staff. Very poor Spicejet.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely

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    • S

      on 2019-05-20

      it's was good

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • P

      on 2019-05-13

      I travelled with an infant and a toddler... my in-flight experience was good! but I hardly got assistance at arrival from air India staff... they started arguing among themselves as to who has to assist me. finally asked a co.passenger to help me through escalator... n found a indigo airlines ground staff to help me with my baggage

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • R

      on 2019-01-01

      Good one

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • B

      on 2018-12-07

      Really liked to fly in Air India.. In fact the cabin and leg room was so much better than the other flights like Jet or Go Air etc. It has improved so much... Keep up the good work...

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • R

      on 2018-11-13

      WE had a good flight and enjoyed good service too - the meal was hot and served in time

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

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