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Flight To City Bongo

  • CCU
  • Spicejet
  • 11:35
    21 Jan 01h 40m
  • 13:15
  • 01h 40m Non Stop
  • Rs.3,255
  • Book Now Rs. 3,255
  • AMD
  • Spicejet
  • 06:05
    21 Jan 05h 55m
  • 12:00
  • 05h 55m 1 Stop
  • Rs.4,911
  • Book Now Rs. 4,911
  • BLR
  • Spicejet
  • 05:55
    21 Jan 07h 20m
  • 13:15
  • 07h 20m 1 Stop
  • Rs.5,625
  • Book Now Rs. 5,625
  • BOM
  • Spicejet
  • 12:10
    21 Jan 02h 05m
  • 14:15
  • 02h 05m Non Stop
  • Rs.6,876
  • Book Now Rs. 6,876
  • STV
  • Spicejet
  • 07:50
    21 Jan 06h 25m
  • 14:15
  • 06h 25m 1 Stop
  • Rs.9,135
  • Book Now Rs. 9,135
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Flights to Kanpur – Discover the Manchester of India

Flying to Kanpur takes you straight to the banks of river Ganga, because this is where the city is located. Formerly known as ‘The Manchester of India’, Kanpur is now the commercial center of Uttar Pradesh. Usually, October to March is the best time to visit and explore the city to the fullest. Some of the must-see places in Kanpur include the Allen Forest Zoo, Jain Glass Temple, Kanpur Gardens, Boodha Bargad, Shri Radhakrishna Temple, Jajmau and the Green Park. There is no doubt that shopping is everybody’s favorite activity and Kanpur is the perfect place for shopaholics, where you can buy all kinds of leather products such as belts, wallets, gloves, bags, etc. Since Kanpur Airport does not have commercial air connectivity to other major cities, you can opt for Lucknow Airport (74 km), which is the closest airport. The two cities have good connectivity via buses, trains and taxis. Fly to Kanpur via major domestic airlines like Jet Airways, Spicejet, GoAir, Air India and IndiGo that offer convenient flight schedules.

How to reach Kanpur from major cities of India

Traveling from Delhi to Kanpur: The 2 cities are located at a distance of approximately 394 km and you have close to 190 direct flights and around 15 connecting flights to Lucknow every week. Top domestic airlines are at your service such as GoAir, Air India, IndiGo, Jet Airways and Vistara.

Traveling from Bangalore to Kanpur: If your next vacation is the commercial capital of Uttar Pradesh, then there are a lot of domestic airlines that offer regular service with cheap air tickets and convenient flight schedules. Every week, approximately 200 connecting flights ply from Bangalore to Lucknow. Try our Lowest Fare Finder to easily find the lowest ticket fares.

Traveling from Goa to Kanpur: You can travel to Kanpur via popular domestic airlines that offer nearly 120 connecting flights to Lucknow per week for your convenience. All these airlines offer special onboard facilities such as delicious meals, beverages, comfortable seating, preferred seat by the window, airport lounge and other major perks.

Traveling from Chennai to Kanpur: Have an amazing flying experience with major airlines like IndiGo, Air India, Jet Airways and GoAir that have nearly 295 connecting flights from Chennai to Lucknow. The lowest fare for the tickets is just Rs. 6,659.

How to reach Kanpur from major cities of the world

Traveling from Dubai to Kanpur: Be it a vacation or business related travel, flying from Dubai to Lucknow has never been so easy! You can now choose from various top international airline services that offer convenient flight schedules. Air India, IndiGo, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Emirates, Jet Airways and Oman Air, all of them provide weekly services, with approximately 150 flights. You will love the wonderful in-flight perks offered by Emirates, which include in-flight entertainment, delicious meals, fine wine, spacious and comfortable seating, onboard lounges and special suites with privacy.

Traveling from Lisbon to Kanpur: Lisbon is approximately 8,164 km away from Kanpur but you don’t have to worry about traveling the distance. Fly hassle-free via top international airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways, Turkish Airlines and others, with close to 180 connecting flights from Lisbon to Lucknow, scheduled for your convenience. You will be flying via major layover airports such as London, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Amsterdam, Milan, New Delhi and Rome.

Traveling from Sydney to Kanpur: Sydney Airport offers a world-class experience for all the travelers and has around 1,175 connecting flights every week to Lucknow. The international airlines such as Thai Airways, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Etihad Airways, Singapore Airlines, Air India, Malaysia Airlines, Bangkok Airways and many others offer amazing services.

Traveling from Lyon to Kanpur: If you have plans to fly from Lyon (France) to Kanpur, then you can choose between a large number of international airlines at your service. They offer approximately 800 connecting flights to Lucknow per week. You can enjoy the perks offered by Lufthansa, such as spacious seating for shorter routes, seat cushions with adjustable headrests for longer routes, entertainment, snacks, internet access, beverages and food and complimentary drinks, web check-in and much more!

Yatra is your ultimate travel and booking partner, where you can find cheap air tickets, flight schedules, airline perks, special offers and deals and more. Keep checking Yatra App for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I book myself a flight with the shortest distance from Delhi to Kanpur? By Shailen on Jun 26,2018
    You can go online and choose Non-Stop Flights on the route and travel to your destination covering the shortest distance possible, in the least time. By Rupali on Jun 26,2018
  • How will you refund the money if I cancel my flight ticket? By Husnain on Jun 25,2018
    Once you cancel your ticket, the value of the refund will be credited back to your card in about one week’s time. By Muthammal on Jun 25,2018
  • What are the offers available on Delhi to Kanpur flights? By Shatrughna on Jun 24,2018
    If you are travelling by Delhi to Kanpur flight you can get best offer price on tickets by booking at least six weeks in advance. Check the Special Deals page in for current offers on this route. By Ketan on Jun 24,2018
  • Which is the best way to find lowest airfare for Delhi to KanpurX route? By Chidanand on Jun 23,2018
    To get the lowest airfare for your chosen date, view the fare meter on the flights results page, that shows the lowest to highest fares over three weeks of your chosen date. While the top navigation shows you lowest airfare for each day. By Sharmila on Jun 23,2018
  • Is it mandatory to pay an insurance fee for my flight? By Waahid on Jun 22,2018
    Not at all. You are, however, advised to pay the insurance fee because it is a small sum, and recommended from a safety point of view. By Hemangini on Jun 22,2018
  • Can I get food on a flight? By Mrinalini on Jun 21,2018
    You have the option to pre-book you meal or buy once aboard if you are flying a budget airline. A full-service flight on the same route will serve you a meal without even you having to ask for it. You can also pre-book your meal of choice on a full-service flight. By Shubh on Jun 21,2018
  • How do I keep myself entertained while flying? By Kantimoy on Jun 20,2018
    In-flight entertainment screens are loaded with a plethora of entertainment options like music, movies, animation, games, and more, if you have opted to travel Business Class. If you choose to fly the Economy Class then you will have the in-flight magazine, and the shopping catalogue to keep you busy. By Shatrughna on Jun 20,2018
  • What kind of inflight amenities can I expect on Economy class? By Kahill on Jun 19,2018
    Low cost carriers in Economy class give only basic amenities as drinking water, in-flight magazine and web check-in. You can however choose to pre-book your in-flight meal by paying additional. High end carriers on the other hand do provide meals and inflight entertainment screens to all passengers. By Aasim on Jun 19,2018
  • What will be the amount of e-cash I can use on a Delhi to Kanpur flight? By Padmajai on Jun 18,2018
    When you make a domestic flight booking, you can use e-cash worth Rs 500 or 2.5% of ticket price, whichever is lesser. The Yatra e-cash will be deducted automatically from the total booking amount. By Vela on Jun 18,2018
  • How do I know if there is any offer running on the flights booking? By Chandratha on Jun 17,2018
    If you are looking for deals and discounts on flights, then you should click on the Special Deals on the main page of Yatra. You can also download the mobile app to get special discounts, if you have not already done so. By Supratika on Jun 17,2018
  • Please tell me about cheap air fares on Delhi to Kanpur routes? By Mritheya on Jun 16,2018
    Yatra’s Flight Fare Compare page shows you the lowest fares over a period of a month and you can select the cheapest air fare. If you are a registered customer, it is advised to make use of your eCash to get more discounts. By Poornachandra on Jun 16,2018
  • I am planning to cancel my flights. What is the Cancellation Protection policy? By Santya on Jun 15,2018
    You will not have to pay an additional cancellation fee under the Cancellation Protection policy. But this applies to those who have bought a Cancellation Protection at an additional amount of Rs 499 per passenger at the time of booking. By Lalitaditya on Jun 15,2018
  • How much cancellation fee do I have to pay for a Delhi to Kanpur flight? By Jnyandeep on Jun 14,2018
    Cancellation fee that you would need to pay would depend on the airline, as each airline has their own policy. You can login to My Bookings section of Yatra and check this amount under Modify Bookings. By Shinjini on Jun 14,2018
  • Is the Business Class more comfortable than the Economy Class? By Champika on Jun 13,2018
    Business Class offers more comfort and privacy than Economy Class. You can travel without hassles, and stress. You won’t have to travel in a cramped up space or sleep while sitting. With a Business Class ticket you get a spacious seat, better quality food, a wide choice of entertainment and even access to lounge. By Devyani on Jun 13,2018
  • Why is it advised to go for advance booking when flying? By Kranti on Jun 12,2018
    It’s always better to go for advance booking when booking flights as you can get the best rates. You have the option to book 6 to 11 months in advance, depending on the airline you have selected. Generally a gap of of 6- 8 weeks between your time of booking and date of travel is suggested. By Sachetan on Jun 12,2018

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  • Kanpur Airport Address
  • Kanpur Airport
  • Civil Aerodrome
  • Kanpur Cantt, Kanpur
  • Uttar Pradesh 208004
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