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Bengaluru to Madurai Flight Fare

Bengaluru - Madurai Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Airline
Todays Lowest Fare Rs 6,488 11 Dec 18 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 30 days Rs 2,258 30 Dec 18 Spicejet Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 60 days Rs 2,258 30 Dec 18 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 90 days Rs 2,258 30 Dec 18 Spicejet Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 120 days Rs 2,258 30 Dec 18 Air India Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Suggest me the shortest distance flight from Bangalore to Madurai? By Rafee' on Jun 26,2018
    You can choose from the many Non-Stop Flights on Bangalore to Madurai route, by ticking this option under the search box. These flights will cover the shortest distance to your destination in the shortest time. By Abhayaprada on Jun 26,2018
  • I want to cancel my booked flight. Can I expect a refund of the ticket money? By Ranadhira on Jun 25,2018
    The due amount will be transferred back to your card in a matter of a week, as per the refund policy. By Pranit on Jun 25,2018
  • How can I avail the best offers on Bangalore to Madurai flights? By Ronav on Jun 24,2018
    For best offers you can go to the Special Deals section, featured on the top right navigation of Yatra homepage. You will see all ongoing flight offers here. It is also advisable to book your flights at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance to get the best prices. By Shikhandin on Jun 24,2018
  • What are the lowest airfares for Bangalore to Madurai flights? By Pratigya on Jun 23,2018
    You can view the lowest airfare for each day on the top navigation of the flights results page. There is also a fare meter on the left side that shows the lowest to highest airfare over three weeks of your chosen date. By Manjistha on Jun 23,2018
  • I am taking a flight, do I need to pay an insurance fee? By Ainesh on Jun 22,2018
    It is not mandatory to pay for the insurance, but is a safety measure. The fee amount is minimal, and you are recommended to pay it just the same. By Kalpesh on Jun 22,2018
  • Will there be any in-flight food offered on a late-night flight? By Kurinji on Jun 21,2018
    If you are flying a budget airline, then you may ask for snacks like wraps or sandwiches along with beverages which will be charged. Whereas a full-service flight will serve you a meal according to the duration of the flight. By Sasmita on Jun 21,2018
  • Is there any in-flight entertainment available? By Samara on Jun 20,2018
    You can keep yourself engaged with latest movies, music, and videos if you are flying Business Class. In the Economy Class, you can go through the in-flight magazine of the airline and other reading material. In a few high-end carriers you may enjoy inflight screens in economy class too. By Sahasrad on Jun 20,2018
  • Does Economy class also provide some facilities to passengers? By Bhoomika on Jun 19,2018
    Yes, Economy class in high end carriers provides food and inflight entertainment screens to passengers. In low cost carriers basics of drinking water and inflight magazine is available. You can however pay additional and pre-book your meal. By Kevalkishore on Jun 19,2018
  • On a Bangalore to Madurai flight, what value of e-cash is applicable? By Abdul-Waahid on Jun 18,2018
    You can use e-cash of upto 2.5% of ticket price or Rs 500 whichever is lesser on domestic flight bookings. The Yatra e-cash will get simultaneously deducted from your overall booking amount. By Purujit on Jun 18,2018
  • What should I do if I want a discount on the ticket booked? By Vibhuti on Jun 17,2018
    You might want to go to Yatra’s homepage and click on the Special deals for the ongoing discounts and offers on domestic flights. By Sayid on Jun 17,2018
  • Does Yatra have cheap flights on Bangalore to Madurai route? By Avasyu on Jun 16,2018
    For cheap flights, opt for no-frills airlines and book at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Also go to the Special Deals page and read up on ongoing offers. By Nidhyana on Jun 16,2018
  • If I cancel my flight, am I covered under the Cancellation Protection policy? By Dayakar on Jun 15,2018
    You should have paid the Cancellation Protection charge of Rs 499 per person at the time of buying your ticket. In the event of cancellation, you will then not have to pay any extra charges. By Shatish on Jun 15,2018
  • What is the cancellation fee on a Bangalore to Madurai flight? By Kamalakar on Jun 14,2018
    Cancellation fee depends on the route and the airline you are flying. You can check the charges in the Modify Bookings page of My Bookings on By Subali on Jun 14,2018
  • How is Business Class different from Economy? By Bismeet on Jun 13,2018
    Business Class is more spacious, you can walk freely without bothering other co-passengers. You get to have more legroom to yourself wherein you can even recline your seats. There is also in-flight entertainment available including smart screens along with newspapers. You get served premium alcohol like champagne and a range of wines along with chef-curated special menu. By Jalahasini on Jun 13,2018
  • Is it better if I advance book my air tickets? By Ojas on Jun 12,2018
    If you want to save money and not go through the last-minute jitters, then you should opt for advance booking. The general trend is to book 4 to 6 weeks before your date of travel. Though advance booking option is available from 6 to 11 months in advance. By Harjas on Jun 12,2018

Bangalore to Madurai Flight Details

How to Book Cheap Bangalore to Madurai Flight Tickets on
Bangalore to Madurai cheap air tickets can be booked by following these simple Steps:

Step 1: Just log on to
Step 2: Now you need to enter origin, destination and the date of journey. Use Lowest fare finder to get the best date.
Step 3: Give the number of passengers and class. Click “Search” to find cheap Bangalore to Madurai flights.
Step 4: Now click on “Book" and that will take you to a page that shows fare break up and flight details.
Step 5: Enter the names and contact details of the passengers.
Step 6: To avail discount, you can apply “Promo Code” if you have any on Bangalore to Madurai flight fares.
Step 7:Proceed to Payment’ and choose the payment option of your choice.
Step 8: Confirmation mail will be sent to the registered email id.

About Bangalore to Madurai flights

Bangalore to Madurai flights today are Air India, Air India Business, Indigo, Jet Airways, Jet Airways Business and Spice Jet.

There are 90 flights on this route. Bangalore to Madurai flight schedules are available on for different airlines.

With almost 630 flights per week, you can get the best deal on Bangalore to Madurai air ticket costs. There are 2520 flights every month. The Bangalore to Madurai flight fares are displayed along with the lowest fare. Lowest Fare Finder will show cheapest Bangalore to Madurai airfare for different airlines.

Indigo and Jet Airways have the maximum flights between Bangalore and Madurai.

The Bangalore to Madurai flight duration would be 1 hours and 10 minutes. You cover Bangalore to Madurai distance of 347 km to reach Madurai.

You can book Bangalore to Madurai flights on Jet Airways or Bangalore to Madurai Indigo Airlines flights to reach Madurai fast.

The lowest Bangalore to Madurai flight fare would be around Rs 1,700.

How will you buy cheap flights from Bangalore to Madurai?

For cheap flight tickets from Bangalore to Madurai, try to make your bookings well in advance. In case of any cancellation, you can use Yatra Cancellation protection policy to save yourself from losing whole ticket money. For this, you will have to pay a small amount at the time of booking your tickets and that will protect at the time of cancellation. Along with the schedules of the flights of all domestic airlines, you can also see which are protected under Yatra Cancellation protection policy.

Bangalore to Madurai flight fares will be shown on the calendar of the Lowest Fare-Finder. Using this feature, find out the cheap flights from Bangalore to Madurai for all domestic airlines. This feature makes it easy to select the best flight in the route.

July, August and September are currently the months that have the lowest Bangalore to Madurai flight fares.

How will you check the flight schedule and flight status of Bangalore to Madurai flights? always updates the schedule information from time to time and for Bangalore to Madurai flight schedules, follow the below Steps -

● Just open
● Enter ‘Bangalore’ as the city of origin and ‘Madurai’ as the destination city.
● Select date of travel from the pop-up calendar.
● Enter the number of travellers.
● Select your class of travel.
● Now click "Select" and that shows you the schedules of all flights on that route and how many hours from Bangalore to Madurai it takes by flight. This makes it simple to choose a flight for you.

Here is how you check Bangalore to Madurai flight status -

● Yatra’s ‘Real Time Flight Tracker’ gives you correct data and that will redirect to the website of the airlines.
● Choose the date of the flight, your origin city, destination city and enter a flight number. -Bangalore to Madurai flight status will be displayed on the screen

How much baggage are you allowed to carry on Bangalore to Madurai flights?

Almost all the domestic airlines like Indigo, SpiceJet, Jet Airways allow its passengers to carry a check-in baggage weighing 15 kg. The hand luggage weighing up to 7 kg is also allowed by domestic airlines.
Air India is the only airline that allows baggage allowance of 25 kg and hand luggage of 8 kg.
The Bangalore to Madurai Air India prices are quite competitive and this is the only domestic airline that allows a generous amount of check-in luggage for the economy class passengers.

What facilities can you expect at the Madurai Airport?

The Madurai International Airport is designed for easy and comfortable travel. At this airport, ATM facility, parking, airport lounge, free Wi-Fi facility, cab services, child care rooms, VIP waiting area, disabled care rooms, first aid rooms and much more.

The Madurai domestic airport arrivals terminal has a taxi facility for the passengers.

The airport has two terminals:
● Terminal 1 is a Cargo terminal.
● Terminal 2 handles both domestic and the international flights at Madurai Airport.

You can also reach Madurai by trail from Bangalore, the trains available are Nagarcoil Express, Tuticorin Express, Vivek Express and Tirunelveli Express. The Bangalore to Madurai train fare depends on the train and the class of journey.

Popular hotels near Madurai Airport

Madurai offers a range of accommodation options that range from the budget to the premium and luxury. There are plenty of hotels near Madurai Airport. Some of the most recommended hotels are Madurai Residency, Astoria Hotels By Sparsa, Hotel The Nook, Star Residency and Fortune Pandiyan Hotel, Madurai. You can also choose accomodation from a list of best hotels in Madurai based on different categories ranging like 5 star hotels in Madurai, 4 star hotels in Madurai, 3 star hotels in Madurai, budget hotels in Madurai, cheap hotels in Madurai and resorts in Madurai for your perusal.

Top Rated Airlines

    • K

      by Kannan
      on 2016-05-09

      This flight maintenance is very worst they put AC after we enter in to the flight one lady fascinated by with out AC

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely

    • S

      by Sevuganbala M
      on 2016-04-05

      Its low budget flight.Nice

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

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    • N

      by Natarajan
      on 2018-11-22

      I am sure coffee or tea or buttermilk or fruit drink can be served on board free of charge. I think we passengers deserve it !!

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • R

      by Rajkumar
      on 2018-10-25

      Cleanliness improvement needed.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • V

      on 2018-10-11

      Good Flight experience. On time take off and landing.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • S

      by Senthil
      on 2018-04-26

      Overall experience would be very good

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • P

      on 2018-04-22

      Full enioy

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • B

      by Baskaran
      on 2018-04-16


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • R

      by Ravi
      on 2018-01-17


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • K

      by Karthikeyan
      on 2017-12-20


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • S

      by Shivapriya
      on 2017-11-06

      I'm happy with the flight

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • G

      by Gopi
      on 2017-10-25

      try to make the meals in the menu available at all the time.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

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    • K

      by Karthikeyan
      on 2018-07-09

      I ordered food. But crew gave me a cup noodles.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • S

      by Srinivasa
      on 2018-06-05

      The baggage delivery took lot of time. Ground staff not available for immediate help.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • J

      by JALAJA
      on 2018-03-27

      The flight in which I was booked was to leave at 1.05 pm but the flight number was changed and the flight took off at 1.50 pm. I was not informed about this change prior to Web checking.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • D

      by Dr Prabaharan
      on 2018-02-26

      in flight entertainment could have been added.more choices for in flight paid snacks & meals.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • A

      by Ashwini
      on 2017-12-30

      Worst flight experience ever.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely

    • A

      by Aananthan
      on 2017-08-29

      Proper meals not provided

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

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    • D

      by Dr anusha
      on 2018-08-13

      bag drop off is a terrible idea as it is no different from regular check in procedure. IXM to BLR night flight 22E seat cusion came off several does few other seats.this will give a bad reputation for your airlines. the food which could be bought in the aircraft is terrible.please change the brands. The air crew is kind and trying to do their best.but they are so Novice,that is actually bad.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • G

      by Ganesh
      on 2018-04-27

      Pleasant journey

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • T

      on 2018-04-23


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • G

      by guest
      on 2018-04-12

      Very good services. Affordable price and worth

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • A

      by Ajitha
      on 2018-04-03

      On arrival the details planing and send the passengers in a oven hot small non AC vehicle at @ 3 pm was horrible. The steps too were high and was difficult even for youngsters. Arrival arrangements and baggage delay are very upsetting for Jet Airways Ajith Kumar

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • S

      by sachin
      on 2018-02-18

      Flight was delayed by 45 minutes Check in baggage wheel was broken and other baggage lock was broken. This was very unpleasant travel

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely

    • S

      by Saranraj
      on 2018-02-17

      Very good

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • V

      on 2018-02-15

      Good flight experience.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • R

      by Rajesh
      on 2018-02-03


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely

    • S

      by Subashree
      on 2018-01-30

      Flight delayed by almost two hours. the information could have been passed on earlier to the passengers so we could have left later from our homes.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

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    • B

      by Balakrishnan
      on 2014-07-21


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

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Offer and Discounts

Morning Bangalore - Madurai Flights

  • Airlines Flight No. Dep. Date Dep. Time Lowest Fare  
  • Indigo

    $i.flightNumber Fri,21 Dec 05:45 Rs.2,739 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    $i.flightNumber Tue,18 Dec 05:45 Rs.3,150 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    $i.flightNumber Sat,15 Dec 05:45 Rs.3,789 Search Flight
  • Spicejet

    $i.flightNumber Tue,08 Jan 07:40 Rs.3,895 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    $i.flightNumber Tue,01 Jan 06:25 Rs.4,157 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    $i.flightNumber Tue,25 Dec 06:25 Rs.5,417 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    $i.flightNumber Sun,23 Dec 06:25 Rs.7,675 Search Flight
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Airport Information


Kial Rd Devanahalli, Bengaluru Karnataka 560300.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 1800 425 4425

Kial Rd Devanahalli, Bengaluru Karnataka 560300.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 1800 425 4425


Airport Road Madurai Tamil Nadu 625022.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 452 269 0717