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Chandigarh to Srinagar Flight Fare (Today's, Next 30 days, Next 60 days, Next 90 days, Next 120 days)

Chandigarh - Srinagar Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Departure Time Airline
Todays Lowest Fare Rs 6,277 22 June 18 14:55 Spicejet Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 30 days Rs 2,868 24 June 18 13:25 Indigo Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 60 days Rs 2,635 28 July 18 14:55 Spicejet Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 90 days Rs 1,953 03 Sept 18 14:55 Spicejet Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 120 days Rs 1,899 08 Oct 18 14:55 Spicejet Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Chandigarh to Srinagar Flight Details

Chandigarh to Srinagar Flights About Srinagar

Srinagar offers romantic Shikara rides, adventurous paragliding and luxurious houseboat stays. Nestled in the breathtaking natural grandeur of green mountains - Srinagar - the summer capital of state of Jammu and Kashmir is the largest city. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country as it lies on the banks of the Jhelum River, a tributary of the Indus, Dal and Anchar lakes. Srinagar remains jam packed with tourists during summer months and winters as well. Srinagar’s winter is popular for its snowfall, peaceful Dal Lake and hot cup of Kahva.

Best time to visit Srinagar

One can visit Srinagar anytime round the year due to its pleasant climate except winters. The months of April to October are best to experience and admire the beauty of the valley as flowers blossom during this period.

Hotels in Srinagar

Srinagar boasts a plethora of hotels ranging from pocket friendly hotels to 5-star luxury properties. Vivanta By Taj Dal View, The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar, Mascot Houseboats, Feast Inn Hotel and The Shelter Group of Houseboats are some of the best luxurious hotels in Srinagar, all known for their excellent hospitality and world-class amenities. Situated approximately 9 km from Hazratbal Dargah Sharif, Hotel Feast Inn is one of the pocket-friendly hotels. It has 37 well-maintained guest rooms equipped with basic amenities.

Restaurants in Srinagar

Along with exotic locations, Srinagar provides its visitors with a wealth of fine dining experiences. Some prominent restaurants include Mac's Place Island, Crescent Lake View Restaurant and Nedous Dining Room among others. Mac's Place Island offers Indian and international cuisines with beautiful lake view. Crescent Lake View restaurant serves Chinese and Indian delicacies at a reasonable price.

Offbeat things to do in Srinagar

Spend night in a houseboat: Houseboats are one of the most fascinating things in Srinagar. Spending a night at the houseboat docked at the Dal Lake jetty is a must-do.

Glide over the valleys: For the adventure lovers, paragliding tops the to-do list.

Raft in Lidder River: Rafting in the white water of the Lidder River is very famous. The experience is exhilarating.

Visit Hazratbal: Hazratbal, the most important shrine in Srinagar is also the holiest in the valley. It depicts beautiful Islamic architecture and is surrounded by houses and markets of Srinagar.

Popular hotels near Srinagar Airport

Srinagar offers a range of accommodation options that range from the budget to the premium and luxury. There are plenty of hotels near Srinagar Airport. Some of the most recommended hotels are Aziz Palace - Group Of House Boats, Lake Victoria Houseboats, Hotel Royal Arabia, Batra Hotels and Residences and Hotel Pacific. You can also choose accomodation from a list of best hotels in Srinagar based on different categories ranging like 5 star hotels in Srinagar, 4 star hotels in Srinagar, 3 star hotels in Srinagar, budget hotels in Srinagar, cheap hotels in Srinagar and resorts in Srinagar for your perusal.


Q. What are the domestic and international airlines on the Chandigarh to Srinagar route?
A. The major carriers that fly on Chandigarh to Srinagar route are Air India, Go Air, Jet Airways, Spice jet and Vistara.

Q. How is the Srinagar Airport connected to the city?
A. The Srinagar city center is hardly 20 minutes away from Srinagar Airport. The services of bus and taxi are the best ways to move from Srinagar airport to city center.

Q. What is the earliest flight from Chandigarh to Srinagar?
A. The first flight between Chandigarh and Srinagar is at 07:35 am.

Q. What is the last flight from Chandigarh to Srinagar?
A. The last flight from Chandigarh to Srinagar is at 03:30 pm.

Q. What are the airlines that provide direct flights from Chandigarh to Srinagar?
A. Air India and Jet Airways are some airlines that facilitate direct flight on route from Chandigarh to Srinagar.

Q. What are the hotels in the vicinity of Srinagar Airport?
A. The most popular hotels near Srinagar airport are Comrade Inn, The Heritage By Heevan and The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar among others.

Shopping in Srinagar
Srinagar is dotted with a number of shopping destinations including Hazratbal bakery, Asia Crafts and Zaina Kadal Street. Beautiful handicrafts and Pashmina shawls are available in the markets.

Nightlife in Srinagar
The nightlife experience of Srinagar is a memorable one. The clubs and pubs here offer an exciting ambience with perfect combination of music and delicious food. One can even enjoy Kashmiri songs and folk dances on the streets at night.

Major attractions in Srinagar
Srinagar is one of the most frequented tourist destinations and is bestowed with many attractions. Some of the must-visit places are Nishat Garden, Nasim Bagh, Hazratbal Mosque, Pathar Masjid and Mughal Gardens among others.

About Chandigarh Airport
Chandigarh International Airport serves the Indian states of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. There are 36 domestic departures and 2 international departures from the airport.

Connectivity to Chandigarh Airport
The new terminal is located 14 km from Chandigarh City center in Sector 17. Chandigarh Transport operates both Ac and Non-Ac buses. However, Chandigarh Interstate Bus terminal located 10 km from airport operates direct bus services to all major cities in Punjab and Haryana.


Q. What are the popular domestic routes from Chandigarh?
A. Chandigarh airport is well-connected to the prominent cities in India. Chandigarh to Delhi, Chandigarh to Mumbai are some of the most popular domestic routes.

Q. What are the popular airlines flying from Chandigarh Airport?
A. Air Asia India, Air India, Go Air, Indigo serve the airlines flying from Chandigarh International Airport.

Q. What are the prominent hotels near Chandigarh Airport?
A. Some of the most popular and luxurious hotels in the vicinity of the Chandigarh airport are Ramada Plaza, Hotel Sapphire, Hotel Turquoise, Starlet Prime and Hyatt Regency Chandigarh.

Q. What are the key attractions in Chandigarh?
A. Chandigarh is highly rich in terms of beautiful places and clean roads and lush greenery. The city has a number of attractions including Rock Garden of Chandigarh, Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh Rose Garden, Timber Trail, Government Museum and Art Gallery and Musical Fountain.

Q. What is the best time to visit Chandigarh?
A. The months of September to April are preferably the best time to visit Chandigarh. The weather during these months is pleasant for sightseeing.

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      on 2018-04-26

      Would like to Areas in the air turbulent free

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    • K

      by Kanwal Nain
      on 2018-03-25

      Check in counter person was non courteous, paying little attention to queue in front, but entertaining people coming through adjoining closed counters.

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      No information on which belt our luggage was to come at the airport, which kept us guessing and shuttling between conveyors whereas the other flights e.g Indigo, IA, etc had indicated on the monitor at the airport.

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      on 2017-06-09

      Boarding pass issuing staff told me that three vacant seats are not available in a row in the air craft except last three seats which were not adjustable I managed but when flight taken off I see that three seats in a row were vacant just next to me it hurt me very much that the staff didn't provide me a comfortable seat even then when one infant child was with me

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      by Sriram
      on 2016-05-30

      Less Announcements will go a long way to make flights more comfortable

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    • R

      by Rafat
      on 2016-04-26

      By arranging personal calls to passengers of there is any update on schedule

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    • A

      by Anayat Manzoor
      on 2016-03-22

      the experience with was excellent, nd I suggest for futher to improve this app for army persons.

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      on 2014-12-25

      It was good.

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Offer and Discounts

Morning Chandigarh - Srinagar Flights

  • Airlines Flight No. Dep. Date Dep. Time Lowest Fare  
  • Indigo

    6E - 372
    372 Thu,19 Jul 08:00 Rs.2,900 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    6E - 372
    372 Mon,16 Jul 08:00 Rs.3,400 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    6E - 372
    372 Tue,17 Jul 08:00 Rs.3,400 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    6E - 372
    372 Wed,18 Jul 08:00 Rs.3,400 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    6E - 372
    372 Fri,20 Jul 08:00 Rs.3,400 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    6E - 372
    372 Sat,21 Jul 08:00 Rs.3,400 Search Flight
  • Air India

    9I - 9832
    9832 Mon,16 Jul 07:25 Rs.7,747 Search Flight
  • Jet Airways

    9W - 648
    648 Tue,17 Jul 07:40 Rs.7,904 Search Flight
  • Jet Airways

    9W - 648
    648 Wed,18 Jul 07:40 Rs.7,904 Search Flight
  • Air India

    AI - 9832
    9832 Fri,20 Jul 07:25 Rs.8,324 Search Flight
  • Indigo

    6E - 455
    455 Tue,10 Jul 07:55 Rs.8,363 Search Flight
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Airport Information


New Civil Air Terminal Mohali District, , Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140306.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 172 265 9886


Indragandhi Road, Humhama Badgam, Srinagar Jammu and Kashmir 190007.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 194 230 3311