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Chennai to Tiruchirapally Flight Fare

Chennai - Tiruchirapally Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Airline
Todays Lowest Fare Rs 2,336 23 Oct 18 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 30 days Rs 1,703 19 Nov 18 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 60 days Rs 1,703 19 Nov 18 Indigo Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 90 days Rs 1,703 19 Nov 18 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 120 days Rs 1,496 22 Jan 19 Air India Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it better to go for the shortest distance when flying from Chennai to Trichy? By Sayeshan on Jun 26,2018
    It is advised to opt for a Non-Stop Flight when flying from Chennai to Trichy as it will save you the time of travel. These flights will take you to your destination via the shortest distance and in the minimum time. By Shirshirchandra on Jun 26,2018
  • Is there a refund policy if I cancel my flight ticket? By Jag on Jun 25,2018
    As per the refund policy, the amount refunded is credited back to the card on which the payment was carried out. You can expect this process to take about one week. By Yamajith on Jun 25,2018
  • Does Yatra have any special offers on flights from Chennai to Trichy? By Shatrughna on Jun 24,2018
    You can check the Special Deals page on for any current offers. If you are a Yatra registered customer you will get a further discount with your accumulated ecash. By Eka on Jun 24,2018
  • I want to get the lowest airfare on Chennai to Trichy route - how do I go about this? By Sitara on Jun 23,2018
    Check the fare meter that shows up on the left side of your flights search results page. This meter shows the lowest to highest fares for the specific route. You can also view lowest fares for each day on the top navigation of the page. By Denise on Jun 23,2018
  • Does flight require an insurance fee? By Satyendra on Jun 22,2018
    The insurance amount is fairly minimal, and you are advised to pay an insurance fee. It is merely a safety precaution and not at all mandatory. By Yogesh on Jun 22,2018
  • Is food option available on a flight? By Sukanta on Jun 21,2018
    In-flight meal in the low-cost carriers usually consists of snacks and non-alcoholic beverages like tea, coffee, and juice which you can pre-book or may be able to purchage on board. The full-service airlines will serve you complimentary lunch or dinner basis the duration and the time of the flight. You might get served alcohol too. By Suman on Jun 21,2018
  • Will there be any entertainment if I on-board the flight? By Kana on Jun 20,2018
    You will find in-flight entertainment options like in-flight magazine, newspapers, shopping catalogue where you can go through the merchandise and shop mid-air. If you book yourself a Business Class then you will have smart screens as well where you can indulge in movies, music, games and more. By Shuna on Jun 20,2018
  • Are there any perks of flying on Economy class? By Barid on Jun 19,2018
    Perks of flying an Economy class are limited. You can pay additional and book inflight meals and seat preference. High end carriers however serve food even in Economy class. Plus offer inflight entertainment screens. By Huthayfa on Jun 19,2018
  • I am taking Chennai to Trichy flight. How much Yatra e-cash can I use? By Chudamani on Jun 18,2018
    On domestic airlines booking you can use e-cash upto Rs 500 or 2.5% of the ticket price, whichever is lower. The e-cash will get deducted on its own from your total booking amount. By Manjyot on Jun 18,2018
  • How do I get deals and discounts on booking a flight ticket? By Hetal on Jun 17,2018
    For deals and discounts you need to visit and click on the Special Deals page. You can also download the Yatra App to get special discounts, if you have not yet downloaded it. By Shivendra on Jun 17,2018
  • How do I know about the cheap fares on Chennai to Trichy route? By Kamadha on Jun 16,2018
    To get cheap airfares you need to choose the low cost carriers and book at least six weeks prior to your date of departure. Further book domestic or international flights through Yatra and pay with PayPal to avail wonderful discounts. By Virabhadra on Jun 16,2018
  • Is there a Cancellation Protection option for my flights? By Suyati on Jun 15,2018
    The Cancellation Protection policy is made available at an additional amount of Rs 499 per person. Should you cancel your flight, it saves you from payment of the cancellation fee. By Sneha on Jun 15,2018
  • I have to cancel my Chennai to Trichy flight - what is the cancellation fee I have to pay? By Nirupa on Jun 14,2018
    If you are cancelling your flight you will need to check on My Booking section on Yatra under Modify Bookings, to see charges applicable. The cancellation fee depends on the airline and route you are flying. By Srijesh on Jun 14,2018
  • Is it worth having an upgrade to a Business Class? By Aarif on Jun 13,2018
    You will enjoy a host of facilities if you choose to travel Business Class. For starters, you will get extra legspace, will be served meals of your preference with more variety and a range of beverages including spirits. You will also enjoy inflight entertainment and have more privacy for yourself. By Pushkar on Jun 13,2018
  • How to book a flight in advance? By Mandira on Jun 12,2018
    You can go to Yatra and book flights from 6 to 11 months in advance, as per the airline policy. It is usually recommended to book flights at least 1 - 2 months in advance before your date of departure to get the best rate. By Tungesh on Jun 12,2018

Chennai to Trichy Flight Details

How to Book Cheap Chennai to Trichy Flight Tickets on
Book Chennai to Trichy cheap air tickets by following this simplified Steps:

Step 1: Sign in to
Step 2: Mention city of origin, destination and select journey date from the ‘Lowest Fare-Finder’ that shows prices of different airlines across the next 3-12 months.
Step 3: State the number of travellers, travel class and select ‘Search’ to get a list of cheap Chennai to Trichy flights.
Step 4: Use filters to choose your flight as per your convenience and select ‘Book Now’.
Step 5: The screen will then show you all the flight details along with the fare break-up.
Step 6: Specify passenger details – first name, last name, mobile number and email address and start the booking.
Step 7: Apply ‘Promo Code’ to attract heavy discounts on Chennai to Trichy flight fares.
Step 8: Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’. You will be done with your booking after you share your card details and type in the One-Time-Password.
Step 9: Your registered email address will receive a booking confirmation.

About Chennai to Trichy flights

Air India, Jet Airways, and Jet Airways Business are the airlines operating Chennai to Trichy flights today.

The numbers of flights between the two cities on a daily basis are 43 flights on different airlines. Go through the Chennai to Trichy flight schedules of different airlines on Yatra to choose one.

A total of 301 flights currently ply per week between the cities. Have a look at the Chennai to Trichy air ticket costs to choose the best.

About 1,290 flights operate every month from Chennai to Trichy. Compare Chennai to Trichy flight fares on and get the cheapest Chennai to Trichy airfare across months on different airlines.

The airline that offers the maximum number of flights from Chennai to Trichy is Jet Airways.

The approximate Chennai to Trichy flight duration on a non-stop flight is 1 hour 10 minutes. The Chennai to Trichy distance on land is about 332 km.

Sign in to and choose Chennai to Trichy flights on Air India as this airline currently offers the fastest connection between the cities.

If your tickets are booked in advance, the Chennai to Trichy flight fare would be about Rs. 8,008.

How will you buy cheap flights from Chennai to Trichy?

Air travel is now reasonably priced. Book your tickets in advance to get hold on cheap flight tickets from Chennai to Trichy. Plan your trip in advance and buy refundable tickets or avail the Yatra Cancellation Protection policy if your itinerary is flexible to protect yourself against having to pay any penalty in case you cancel your tickets later.
Go through the calendar of the Lowest Fare-Finder on to know Chennai to Trichy flight fares. The tool is a user-friendly feature that helps to locate cheap flights from Chennai to Trichy across months on all leading domestic airlines.
The months that currently offer the cheapest Chennai to Trichy flight fares are June, July, and September.

How will you check the flight schedule and flight status of Chennai to Trichy flights? has all the updated flight schedules of different airlines. Study it before you make your flight booking to know the Chennai to Trichy flight schedules that reflect the Chennai to Trichy flight times.

To check out Chennai to Trichy flight schedules -

● Visit
● Mention ‘Chennai’ and ‘Trichy’ as your city of origin and destination city respectively.
● Look at the pop-up calendar and select your journey date by clicking on it.
● In the area allotted, specify the number of travellers.
● Choose your class of travel.
● Clicking on ‘Select’ will take you to a page which has a list of all the flights from Chennai to Trichy on your selected date of travel.
● Go through the list and apply the filters to find the most convenient flight. This page also reflects how many hours from Chennai to Trichy it takes by flight.

Checking your Chennai to Trichy flight status is an equally easy thing to do -

● Log onto the ‘Real Time Flight Tracker’ on to go to the official website of your selected airline.
● Zero in on your travel date.
● Type in ‘Chennai’ as your city of origin and ‘Trichy’ as your destination city.
● Your flight number will be asked at this stage. It may not be necessary in some cases.
● Click on ‘Search’ to get the latest update about your Chennai to Trichy flight status.

How much baggage are you allowed to carry on Chennai to Trichy flights?

While domestic airlines like Jet Airways allow 15 kg of free checked-in baggage and 7 kg of hand baggage in Economy, the same is not in the case of Air India. Air India offers a baggage allowance of 25 kg and 8 kg of hand baggage in Economy class.
The baggage allowance also depends on the fare-type and the age of passenger. The Chennai to Trichy Air India prices for air tickets are very competitive.

What facilities can you expect at the Trichy Airport?

The Tiruchirappalli International Airport offers facilities ATMs, wheelchair, telephone, and free medical service. The airport also has snack and tea stalls. The Trichy domestic airport arrivals terminal has a VIP Lounge which has been refurbished for your convenience. You will also find car rental services at the airport.

The airport has two terminals:
● Terminal 1 is an international cargo complex.
● Terminal 2 handles both domestic and the international flights.

For passengers interested in train journeys, trains like Pallavan Express and the Kanyakumari Express ply this route. The Chennai to Trichy train fare depends upon your choice of train and class of travel.

Offer and Discounts

Morning Chennai - Trichy Flights

  • Airlines Flight No. Dep. Date Dep. Time Lowest Fare  
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Tue,30 Oct 05:45 Rs.2,441 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Thu,25 Oct 10:40 Rs.3,491 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Fri,26 Oct 07:15 Rs.3,491 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sat,27 Oct 07:15 Rs.3,491 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sun,28 Oct 05:45 Rs.3,491 Search Flight
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Airport Information


GST Rd Meenambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600027.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 44 2256 0551


Ramanathapuram Rd Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu 620007.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 431 234 0554

Ramanathapuram Rd Tiruchirappalli Tamil Nadu 620007.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 431 234 0554