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Delhi to Agra Flight Fare

Delhi - Agra Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Airline
Cheapest Fare within 30 days Rs 3,364 28 Jan 19 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 60 days Rs 1,972 16 Mar 19 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 90 days Rs 1,972 16 Mar 19 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 120 days Rs 1,920 29 Apr 19 Air India Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I book the shortest distance flight flying on the Delhi to Agra route? By Aadhishankar on Jun 26,2018
    If you are pressed for time and want to save time by completing your air journey in the shortest time then you should book yourself a Non-Stop Flight that covers the shortest distance. By Nashir on Jun 26,2018
  • If I cancel my booked flight, what kind of a refund policy do you have in place? By Suhaila on Jun 25,2018
    After cancellation of the ticket, the due refund amount will be transferred back to the card you had used to make the payment. Expect the process to take about a week. By Mukti on Jun 25,2018
  • What offers does Yatra give on the Delhi to Agra route? By Shyamal on Jun 24,2018
    Yatra has a Special Deals page where all current offers for flights can be found. You can find the link to this page on the top right navigation of the Yatra homepage. If you are a registered user, you can avail your ecash when booking your flight and get further discounts. If you are a new user, download the Yatra App and get special discounts. By Veera on Jun 24,2018
  • How can I get the lowest airfare on flights from Delhi to Agra? By Roy on Jun 23,2018
    After you enter your flight details on the search box, the flight results page shows you the lowest airfare for each day over three weeks, on the top bar. You can also view the fare meter on the left that shows you the lowest and highest airfare over this period. By Parveen on Jun 23,2018
  • I am planning to take a flight, do I have to pay an insurance fee? By Shivanath on Jun 22,2018
    You are recommended to pay an insurance fee because it is a minimal amount and is for your safety. However, it is not mandatory for the customer. By Shrinand on Jun 22,2018
  • Do airlines provide food? By Vasupati on Jun 21,2018
    All the airlines offer in-flight meals, though on low cost carriers you need to pay additional and book this in advance. A few serve snacks while others provide full meals depending on the duration and the distance of the flight. By Rohtak on Jun 21,2018
  • Does the flight provide any entertainment options? By Chidananda on Jun 20,2018
    You can choose to read from magazines, newspapers and even the official in-flight magazine of the airline consisting of engaging travelogues, food and fashion articles. If you have booked yourself a Business Class ticket then you can expect to have an entertainment screen with pre-loaded movies, music, games, cartoons and more. By Sadhil on Jun 20,2018
  • Are there any benefits of flying Economy class? By Satyayu on Jun 19,2018
    Economy class does have certain basic benefits to it. In high end carriers you can enjoy complimentary meals as well as inflight entertainment screens. Low cost carriers only provide the basics of web check-in facility and drinking water on flight. However meals can be pre-booked at an added cost. By Shyam on Jun 19,2018
  • When booking Delhi to Agra flight, what value of Yatra e-cash can I use? By Ashritha on Jun 18,2018
    You can use e-cash upto Rs 500 or 2.5% of the ticket price, whichever is lower on domestic airlines booking. The Yatra e-cash will get automatically deducted from your total booking amount. By Neeraj on Jun 18,2018
  • Can I get any discounts on the flight booking? By Madhur on Jun 17,2018
    You can go to Yatra and look for Special Deals which will take you to the latest deals and discounts page on flights. By Rasul aidil on Jun 17,2018
  • I want to fly on Delhi to Agra route. How do I land a cheap airfare? By Gandhik on Jun 16,2018
    Best way is to book your flight about six weeks in advance on a budget airline to get a cheap airfare. Further check on the Special Deals page, and avail the ongoing discounts. Also by downloading the Yatra App and signing up, you will be entitled to some special discounts. By Chameli on Jun 16,2018
  • What is Cancellation Protection? Does it apply if I cancel my flights? By Tanay on Jun 15,2018
    In case you cancel your journey you will not have to shell out anything extra by way of cancellation fee if you have taken the Cancellation Protection. The Cancellation Protection is made available at an add-on of Rs 499 per person at time of booking. By Nagarjun on Jun 15,2018
  • Can you tell me the amount of Cancellation fee to be paid for a Delhi to Agra flight? By Sandhya on Jun 14,2018
    The Cancellation fee amount will vary as per the airline and route you have selected. You can check this amount in the Modify Bookings section of My Bookings on By Atinder on Jun 14,2018
  • Does Business Class offer more facilities than Economy? By Aalam on Jun 13,2018
    Business Class gives you more facilities at a higher price. You get to travel comfortably in a bigger seat with a flat-bed and more legroom. The meal offered is of a premium standard in terms of variety and quality. You also get served alcohol if you wish to relax aboard and watch and listen to a plethora of entertainment options on the smart screen. By Shulin on Jun 13,2018
  • Can I book my flight tickets in advance? By Indumati on Jun 12,2018
    You can and must do advance booking for your flights. This way you can save money and get to choose from different airlines. Bookings open 6 to 11 months in advance, however 6 to 8 weeks of advance booking is enough to get best choices and prices. By Padminish on Jun 12,2018

Delhi to Agra Flight Details

How to Book Cheap Delhi to Agra Flight Tickets on
Yatra has simplified the process of booking cheap air tickets online. To book Delhi to Agra cheap air tickets:

Step 1: Log on to and create an account.
Step 2: Type in your origin and destination and select date of travel from the ‘Lowest Fare-Finder’ that reflects the fares of different airlines across the next 3-12 months.
Step 3: Mention the number of passengers, choose your class of travel and click on ‘Search’ to arrive at a list of cheap Delhi to Agra flights.
Step 4: Apply the filters to narrow down to a flight of your choice and select ‘Book Now’.
Step 5: You will be directed to a page which reflects all the flight details. The fare break-up is also stated on the screen.
Step 6: Share the traveler details to generate a booking – first name, last name, mobile number and email address of all adult passengers.
Step 7: If you have a ‘Promo Code’, apply it to attract hefty discounts on Delhi to Agra flight fares.
Step 8: Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’. Once you share your card details and type in the One-Time-Password, the payment will be made towards your booking.
Step 9: You will receive an email in your registered email address to show your confirmed booking.

About Delhi to Agra flights

The airlines operating Delhi to Agra flights today, is Air India. There are about 4 flights which operate daily between these two cities on different airlines. Check out the Delhi to Agra flight schedules of different airlines on to choose one as per your convenience.

With 36 flights available per week, you can check the Delhi to Agra air ticket costs to choose the best.

There are about 108 flights which operate every month. The Delhi to Agra flight fares are tabulated on the calendar of the Lowest Fare-Finder. It is a useful tool on which reflects the cheapest Delhi to Agra airfare across months on different airlines.

Air India Airlines offer the maximum number of flights from Delhi to Agra. The Delhi to Agra flight duration on a one-stop flight is 03 hour 10 minutes approximately. In this time, you will cover the Delhi to Agra distance of about 180 km to land at your destination.

Log onto and choose Delhi to Agra flights on Air India. These three airlines currently offer the fastest connection in your chosen sector. The average Delhi to Agra flight fare is about Rs. 3,862 if you book ahead of time.

How will you buy cheap flights from Delhi to Agra?

Cheap flight tickets from Delhi to Agra can be booked well ahead of time as soon as you confirm the travel dates. If your itinerary is flexible, one can purchase refundable tickets or avail of the Yatra Cancellation Protection policy at the time of your booking. Pay a nominal fee and get protection against having to pay any penalty during cancellation.

Log onto to find inexpensive Delhi to Agra flight fares on the calendar of the Lowest Fare-Finder. It is a user-friendly feature that helps locate cheap flights from Delhi to Agra across months on all leading domestic airlines.

July, August and June currently offer the cheapest Delhi to Agra flight fares.

How will you check the flight schedule and flight status of Delhi to Agra flights?
Flight schedules and status of different airlines can be checked on before you make your flight booking. The Delhi to Agra flight schedules give information on the Delhi to Agra flight times helping you choose the most convenient flight to Agra.

To check out Delhi to Agra flight schedules -

● Log onto the website of
● Type in ‘New Delhi’ as your city of origin and ‘Agra’ as your destination city.
● Choose your date of travel by clicking on it in the pop-up calendar.
● Mention the number of travelers in the allocated field.
● Choose your class of travel.
● Click on ‘Select’ to arrive at the page which tabulates the flights from Delhi to Agra on your chosen date of travel across all major airlines.
● Apply the filters to find the most convenient flight. This page also reflects how many hours from Delhi to Agra it takes by flight.

Checking your Delhi to Agra flight status is easy -

● Log onto the ‘Real Time Flight Tracker’ on
● You will be redirected to the official website of your chosen airline.
● Select the date of your flight.
● Type in ‘New Delhi’ as your city of origin and ‘Agra’ as your destination city.
● You may need to type in the flight number at this stage. In some instances, it may not be necessary.
● Click on ‘Search’ to arrive at the latest information on your Delhi to Agra flight status.

How much baggage are you allowed to carry on Delhi to Agra flights?

The Delhi to Agra Air India prices for air tickets are very competitive and this carrier allows 15 kg of free checked-in baggage in Economy depending upon the fare-type and the age of passenger. You can also carry one piece of hand baggage which should not weigh more than 7 kg.

What facilities can you expect at the Agra Airport?

The Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Airport offers cyber cafes, shoe-shiner machines, spacious visitors’ seating, luggage trolleys, a money exchange counter and a pharmacy outlet. The airport also has a mini-snack counter. The Agra domestic airport arrivals terminal has a Reserved Lounge which has been refurbished for your convenience. You will also find car rental counters in the Arrival Hall.

The airport has one terminal and the terminal building is equipped with 5 check in counters, 3 immigration counters, 4 custom counters and 2 security counters.

If a traveler is interested in travelling to Agra by rail from Delhi, there are many trains which ply this route like the Rajdhani Express and the Shatabdi Express. The Delhi to Agra train fare depends upon your choice of train and class of travel.

Popular hotels near Agra Airport

Agra offers a range of accommodation options that range from the budget to the premium and luxury. There are plenty of hotels near Agra Airport. Some of the most recommended hotels are Four Points by Sheraton Agra, Orient Taj Hotel and Resorts, Crystal Sarovar Premiere - A Sarovar Hotel, Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre Agra and Ramada Plaza Agra. You can also choose accomodation from a list of best hotels in Agra based on different categories ranging like 5 star hotels in Agra, 4 star hotels in Agra, 3 star hotels in Agra, budget hotels in Agra, cheap hotels in Agra and resorts in Agra for your perusal.

Top Rated Airlines

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Offer and Discounts

Morning Delhi - Agra Flights

  • Airlines Flight No. Dep. Date Dep. Time Lowest Fare  
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Mon,28 Jan 10:15 Rs.3,364 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Wed,13 Feb 10:15 Rs.5,201 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sun,27 Jan 09:45 Rs.5,585 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Wed,30 Jan 09:45 Rs.5,585 Search Flight
  • $i.flightNumber Fri,01 Feb 09:45 Rs.5,585 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sun,03 Feb 09:45 Rs.5,585 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Mon,04 Feb 09:45 Rs.5,585 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Wed,23 Jan 09:45 Rs.5,940 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sun,10 Feb 09:45 Rs.5,940 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Mon,11 Feb 09:45 Rs.5,940 Search Flight
  • $i.flightNumber Fri,15 Feb 09:45 Rs.5,940 Search Flight
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*Flight prices may vary while booking

Evening Delhi - Agra Flights

  • Airlines Flight No. Dep. Date Dep. Time Lowest Fare  
  • $i.flightNumber Tue,22 Jan 17:15 Rs.13,202 Search Flight
  • $i.flightNumber Tue,12 Feb 17:15 Rs.14,200 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Tue,05 Feb 17:15 Rs.20,027 Search Flight
More Less
*Flight prices may vary while booking

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Airport Information

New Delhi

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi New Delhi, Delhi 110037 .

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 124 337 6000


59/10 VIP Road Uttar Pradesh, 282001.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 562 2400844