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Delhi to Rajkot Flight Fare

Delhi - Rajkot Cheap Flights Airfare Departure Date Airline
Todays Lowest Fare Rs 12,971 23 Jan 19 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 30 days Rs 3,731 21 Feb 19 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 60 days Rs 3,469 07 Mar 19 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 90 days Rs 3,469 07 Mar 19 Air India Book Now
Cheapest Fare within 120 days Rs 3,469 07 Mar 19 Air India Book Now

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Suggest me the shortest distance flight from Delhi to Rajkot? By Nirmit on Jun 26,2018
    You can choose from the many Non-Stop Flights on Delhi to Rajkot route, by ticking this option under the search box. These flights will cover the shortest distance to your destination in the shortest time. By Kusumakar on Jun 26,2018
  • I want to cancel my booked flight. Can I expect a refund of the ticket money? By Prabha on Jun 25,2018
    The due amount will be transferred back to your card in a matter of a week, as per the refund policy. By Gourishankar on Jun 25,2018
  • How can I avail the best offers on Delhi to Rajkot flights? By Kanaklata on Jun 24,2018
    For best offers you can go to the Special Deals section, featured on the top right navigation of Yatra homepage. You will see all ongoing flight offers here. It is also advisable to book your flights at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance to get the best prices. By Mrigesh on Jun 24,2018
  • What are the lowest airfares for Delhi to Rajkot flights? By Fahad on Jun 23,2018
    You can view the lowest airfare for each day on the top navigation of the flights results page. There is also a fare meter on the left side that shows the lowest to highest airfare over three weeks of your chosen date. By Likesh on Jun 23,2018
  • I am taking a flight, do I need to pay an insurance fee? By Shvetang on Jun 22,2018
    It is not mandatory to pay for the insurance, but is a safety measure. The fee amount is minimal, and you are recommended to pay it just the same. By Charuprabha on Jun 22,2018
  • Will there be any in-flight food offered on a late-night flight? By Utpalini on Jun 21,2018
    If you are flying a budget airline, then you may ask for snacks like wraps or sandwiches along with beverages which will be charged. Whereas a full-service flight will serve you a meal according to the duration of the flight. By Kairav on Jun 21,2018
  • Is there any in-flight entertainment available? By Parikshit on Jun 20,2018
    You can keep yourself engaged with latest movies, music, and videos if you are flying Business Class. In the Economy Class, you can go through the in-flight magazine of the airline and other reading material. In a few high-end carriers you may enjoy inflight screens in economy class too. By Saif on Jun 20,2018
  • Does Economy class also provide some facilities to passengers? By Samarth on Jun 19,2018
    Yes, Economy class in high end carriers provides food and inflight entertainment screens to passengers. In low cost carriers basics of drinking water and inflight magazine is available. You can however pay additional and pre-book your meal. By Chandrakirthi on Jun 19,2018
  • On a Delhi to Rajkot flight, what value of e-cash is applicable? By Shyamlata on Jun 18,2018
    You can use e-cash of upto 2.5% of ticket price or Rs 500 whichever is lesser on domestic flight bookings. The Yatra e-cash will get simultaneously deducted from your overall booking amount. By Seemanti on Jun 18,2018
  • What should I do if I want a discount on the ticket booked? By Madhubala on Jun 17,2018
    You might want to go to Yatra’s homepage and click on the Special deals for the ongoing discounts and offers on domestic flights. By Sukthi on Jun 17,2018
  • Does Yatra have cheap flights on Delhi to Rajkot route? By Elavarasan on Jun 16,2018
    For cheap flights, opt for no-frills airlines and book at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance. Also go to the Special Deals page and read up on ongoing offers. By Bankimchandra on Jun 16,2018
  • If I cancel my flight, am I covered under the Cancellation Protection policy? By Thulasi on Jun 15,2018
    You should have paid the Cancellation Protection charge of Rs 499 per person at the time of buying your ticket. In the event of cancellation, you will then not have to pay any extra charges. By Atma on Jun 15,2018
  • What is the cancellation fee on a Delhi to Rajkot flight? By Padma on Jun 14,2018
    Cancellation fee depends on the route and the airline you are flying. You can check the charges in the Modify Bookings page of My Bookings on By Asvika on Jun 14,2018
  • How is Business Class different from Economy? By Ragini on Jun 13,2018
    Business Class is more spacious, you can walk freely without bothering other co-passengers. You get to have more legroom to yourself wherein you can even recline your seats. There is also in-flight entertainment available including smart screens along with newspapers. You get served premium alcohol like champagne and a range of wines along with chef-curated special menu. By Malay on Jun 13,2018
  • Is it better if I advance book my air tickets? By Sachit on Jun 12,2018
    If you want to save money and not go through the last-minute jitters, then you should opt for advance booking. The general trend is to book 4 to 6 weeks before your date of travel. Though advance booking option is available from 6 to 11 months in advance. By Jaspal on Jun 12,2018

Delhi to Rajkot Flight Details

How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets on
Yatra has simplified the process of booking airline tickets. It can all be done at the click of your mouse now. To book cheap Delhi to Rajkot air tickets follow the below Steps:

Step 1: Create your account on to avail the best deals.
Step 2: Enter your origin (Delhi) and destination (Rajkot) in the allocated fields and choose your dates of travel from the drop-down calendar that reflects the best fares of different airlines up to the next 12 months.
Step 3: Choose your class of travel, select the number of passengers and click ‘Search’ to arrive at a list of cheap Delhi to Rajkot flights.
Step 4: Once you arrive at the list of flights available, apply the necessary filters to narrow your search. The filters you can use are Refundable/Non-Refundable fares, Preferred Airline, Non-Stop flights, etc. After selecting your flights click on “Book Now”.
Step 5: You will be directed to a page that shows your flight details and gives you the fare break up so you can understand the booking you have made and the charges applicable for the same.
Step 6: To generate your booking and move on to making your payment, share the traveller details of all adult passengers who will be travelling. The information required includes first name, last name, mobile number and email address.
Step 7: Apply any “Promo Code” you may have and avail significant discounts on the Delhi to Rajkot flight fares.
Step 8: Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’ to confirm your booking. Make the payment by sharing your card details and authorising the payment by entering the OTP you receive.
Step 9: Now you can start planning your trip because your booking is confirmed. You will also receive an email to your registered email address, stating the same.

About Delhi to Rajkot flights

Two of the most prominent airlines operate on the Delhi-Rajkot route; they are Air India and Jet Airways.

There are around 124 flights that fly from Delhi to Rajkot daily. On Yatra, you can view the Delhi to Rajkot flight schedules of the two major airlines that fly this route.

Approximately 868 flights are available to reach Rajkot from Delhi per week. Using Yatra, you can choose a flight that is suitable for you in every way by looking at the Delhi to Rajkot air ticket costs, flight time, flight duration, etc.

Approximately 3,472 flights fly between Delhi and Rajkot every month; there isn't a shortage for connections between these sectors. Using Yatra’s Lowest Fare-Finder feature, you can get the best Delhi to Rajkot airfares across different carriers over a period of 12 months.

Jet airways offer you 40 Economy and Business class flight options while Air India gives you 18 flights to choose from to make the journey seamless.

The aerial distance between Delhi and Rajkot is 953 km, which gets covered in approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

For information regarding the fastest connection to your destination, log on to and type in Delhi to Rajkot flights in the search. All the flights that are operating in this sector will pop up making it easy for you to make your selection.

The average Delhi to Rajkot airfare is between Rs. 2,970 if you book at least three months in advance.

How will you buy cheap flights from Delhi to Rajkot?

Domestic airlines make flying from Delhi to Rajkot affordable. You can get the best deals on flight tickets from Delhi to Rajkot by being a smart traveller and booking your tickets in advance. Yatra’s Cancellation Protection policy can help you protect yourself against having to pay any penalty in case you cancel your tickets later, avail this policy at the time of booking your tickets.

Yatra’s Lowest Fare-Finder feature helps you find cheap and best airfares from Delhi to Rajkot from the day of your search till the next 12 months and from all leading domestic airlines operating between these sectors.

The best fares are always available when your travel is well planned, and your bookings are made in advance. July, August and September offer you the best deals for flights from Delhi to Rajkot.

How will you check the flight schedule and flight status of Delhi to Rajkot flights? displays the flight schedules for all flights operating between Delhi and Rajkot, so you know which flight to choose from and also understand what flights are running and when. The Delhi to Rajkot flight schedules also reflects the Delhi to Rajkot flight times making it easy for you to choose when you would like to depart and arrive at your destination.

To check out Delhi to Rajkot flight schedules -

● Log on to
● Enter ‘Delhi’ as your city of origin and ‘Rajkot’ as your destination city.
● Select your date of travel by clicking on it in the drop-down calendar, which displays the dates and fares as on that date.
● Choose the number of travellers in the allocated field.
● Choose from Economy, Premier or Business in the Class of travel field.
● Click ‘Search’ to view the page, which tabulates the flights from Delhi to Rajkot as per your chosen date of travel across all major airlines operating here.
● Review this list and apply the necessary filters on the left side of your screen to find the flight most suitable for you.

Checking your Delhi to Rajkot flight status is simple too.

● To be directed to the official website of your chosen airline, log onto the ‘Real Time Flight Tracker’ on
● Select the date of your flight.
● Enter ‘Delhi (DEL)’ as your city of origin and ‘Rajkot (RAJ)’ as your destination city.
● You may need to type in the flight number at this point. The flight number is different for every airline; you will find this information on your ticket.
● Click on ‘Search’ to find the latest information on your Delhi to Rajkot flight status.

How much baggage are you allowed to carry on Delhi to Rajkot flights?

Most domestic operators have a checked-in baggage allowance of 15 kgs, which is free, and a part of the Economy class. You can also carry one piece of hand baggage, which should not weigh more than seven kgs.
Air India is the only carrier that offers you a baggage allowance of 25 kg in Economy for flights from Delhi to Rajkot and a hand baggage allowance of 8 kgs.

What facilities can you expect at the Rajkot Airport?

The Rajkot Airport is a quaint airport that operates few flights frequently.
It hosts ATMs, visitors' chairs, luggage trolleys, and snack counters for transiting passengers. It has one terminal and is not a very big airport.

Other Modes of Transportation

Many trains operate from Delhi to Rajkot. The trains that run to Porbandar and Uttaranchal stop at Rajkot Junction. These trains run daily and weekly. Choose what is best suited to you but know that train fares are dependent on class and date of travel.

Top Rated Airlines

    • H

      by Hardik
      on 2019-01-15

      Air India needs to seriously improve on everything. The crew was good but they can become more spontaneous, extra friendly as in non-Indian airlines. The plane seems old and the bathroom seat had its color coming off, so the black underneath was visible. The water dispenser was not working so we had to ask for a bottle of water every time we wanted to wash our hands. The seats and covers look old and from a previous era. The plane was 30-45 mins late for takeoff but the pilots made no announcement whatsoever (any Western, Asian, or even African airline would've immediately made an announcement but not AI). The food was way too spicy and the way it was, it made me sick with diarrhea and vomiting (although I've been on many airlines outside of India during the past few weeks with no problem) in synopsis, AI needs to seriously improve on everything.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly unlikely

    • G

      by guest
      on 2018-12-21

      get the good prices

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly unlikely

    • A

      by Ashwani
      on 2018-09-28

      This is my first ever flight and I am very much satisfied with the services provided

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • R

      by Ramani
      on 2018-07-20

      Stuck in the aircraft on the runaway for more than 2 hours! No proper feedback from the crew. There was no water in the toilet! Lousy food!

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very unlikely

    • H

      by Hardik
      on 2018-07-05

      Air India's check-in staff person at the Delhi Airport, Mr. Manoj (or Manish?) Sharma, on the night shift, was a wonderful, young gentleman who truly embodies the great customer service attitude that everyone in every industry should have. He was thoroughly professional, always smiled, and was very helpful and courteous too! In both check-in's on our way to Amritsar as well as back to Rajkot, he gave awesome service. Others should be like him, he's the ideal.....the food on the flight was not so good, the seats could've been more comfortable, the flight crews on India's airlines are nice, professional, and courteous, but they don't really smile and go out of their way in customer service, as those of Western and other Asian airlines do. Perhaps it's the training or aviation culture here, but SMILING and engaging with the customers makes a lot of difference (yet, I know that there are irate customers too, who don't appreciate all of this) however, I do believe that those "extra" soft s

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • C

      by Chetan
      on 2018-07-02

      Luggage got wet along with stains at Rajkot while returning. It can do if it is little wet. But stains due to dirt is difficult to digest.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • N

      by Namish jagjivan
      on 2018-07-01

      Flight was stopped on runway at Rajkot . Runway to terminal was 150 m. This was a bus transfer which consumed too much of time. Should have been allowed as walking

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • B

      by bijendra
      on 2018-06-03

      ok for me

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • D

      by D k
      on 2018-01-08


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    • R

      by Ripal
      on 2017-12-28


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

    Load More Reviews
    • R

      by Radha mohan
      on 2018-04-13

      Within 5 minutes of takeoff there was a hard shake of plane every one was scared.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly unlikely

    • N

      by Nirali
      on 2017-07-06


      "Would you recommend this to others" - Fairly likely

    • S

      by Subrata
      on 2016-05-08

      Luggage was not handled properly.An amount of Rs 500/- was given by Jet Airways as compensation towards damage of luggage

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Neither likely nor unlikely

    • K

      by Kumar
      on 2015-06-22

      The landing at Rajkot Airport was extremely Bad and I had this only one bad landing in my last 35 years flying. The Pilot has to be careful and probably he lost control of the Aircraft.

      "Would you recommend this to others" - Very Likely

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Offer and Discounts

Morning Delhi - Rajkot Flights

  • Airlines Flight No. Dep. Date Dep. Time Lowest Fare  
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Thu,21 Feb 05:15 Rs.3,731 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sat,16 Feb 05:15 Rs.4,361 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Mon,04 Feb 05:15 Rs.5,149 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Thu,07 Feb 05:15 Rs.5,149 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sat,09 Feb 05:15 Rs.5,149 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Mon,11 Feb 05:15 Rs.5,149 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Thu,14 Feb 05:15 Rs.5,149 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Mon,18 Feb 05:15 Rs.5,149 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Thu,31 Jan 05:15 Rs.5,464 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sat,02 Feb 05:15 Rs.6,146 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Mon,28 Jan 05:15 Rs.6,986 Search Flight
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*Flight prices may vary while booking

Evening Delhi - Rajkot Flights

  • Airlines Flight No. Dep. Date Dep. Time Lowest Fare  
  • $i.flightNumber Fri,22 Feb 17:15 Rs.4,834 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Wed,06 Feb 17:15 Rs.5,149 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Fri,15 Feb 17:15 Rs.5,359 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Fri,01 Feb 17:15 Rs.5,464 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Wed,13 Feb 17:15 Rs.5,936 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Wed,20 Feb 17:15 Rs.5,936 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Fri,08 Feb 17:15 Rs.6,146 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sun,17 Feb 17:15 Rs.6,146 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Sun,03 Feb 17:15 Rs.7,196 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Wed,30 Jan 17:15 Rs.7,511 Search Flight
  • Air India

    $i.flightNumber Fri,25 Jan 17:15 Rs.8,456 Search Flight
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*Flight prices may vary while booking

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Airport Information

New Delhi

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi New Delhi, Delhi 110037 .

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 124 337 6000


Civil Aerodrome Gandhigram, Rajkot Gujarat 360006.

  • Enquiries Phone Number:
  • 91 281 245 0200