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Hotel La Villa, Srinagar

Fri, 30 Oct – Sat, 31 Oct (1 Night)  |  1 Room  |  1 Guest

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  • Srinagar

    by Nishi2874 on

    Our trip to "Heaven(?) on Earth" Finally, we planned and went on a trip to Srinagar, thanks ( but no thanks ) to my husband for planning this trip. You will understand why in the next few minutes ;) I wanted my husband to plan a trip this time, and not depend on me in any activities pertaining to planning and travel. Due to lack of time, he did not do much of a research and just googled and came up with an agent named 'Srinagar travels', and mails were sent across for the exact hotel details w.r.t packages and site seeing options for a couple of days. There were prompt responses on all details and contact numbers exchanged ( trait : males do not negotiate) and the trip was finalized. As such, I was reminding him to book the fight tickets and again my busy husband took his own sweet time, and the prices soared to 1.5 times. Still, I kept my cool. Travel agency: Finally, we landed in Srinagar, and when we landed at their office door, we realized the travels were not affiliated by government:( We were amused to see the names 'Jammu tours and travels', 'Kashmir tours and travels', 'Jammu & Kashmir travels' etc as private players and not the state/government affiliated agencies. I wonder how can the government allow allocation of state names to private players :( We had booked a deluxe package, and when we landed we were told that your POC is not available , so just go ahead and stay in the boat house as planned and you can get your final itenerary from the POC the next day morning. Next day morning we reach office after checking out from the boat house, and again we were told to carry the luggage in the cab provided and do the siteseeing as the POC is still not available. See the professionalism. In the evening, finally we meet the POC,and he send us to a hotel. All the time we did not have internet connection ( and as usual no printouts taken, given the digital age, and being eco friendly :(), we spend 3 days in that hotel doing day trips to the nearby site seeing areas. And you should see the hospitality in the restaurant ( which is the heart of tourism). Even before we ask something - maybe a route or some butter, the body language and the tone of the person really puts you off. This is while we pay premium costs for all snacks and tea that we ask for ;). We were getting answers like, I will get tea, if I have time for it ;( Still we survived , and then finally we travelled to gulmarg and we were told to put up in some stupid place, when we saw that place, we got alarmed, and luckily we got internet there.We called up and we told them that the hotel you are putting up is 'Budget package' and not our 'Deluxe package'. Finally after long conversations, we got ourselves checked in into our assured resort (as per the initial mails). There we realize that the hotel we were put up in Srinagar, was also of budget category :(. After that, we travelled to Yousmarg, sonemarg and pahalgaon. Last 2 days were again in srinagar , and we wanted our promised resort and not the earlier hotel. And they start talking about upgrading the package. See the irony, we pay for 'Deluxe' package, and we are put up into budget package hotels, and when we voice our concern, they ask upgrade costs ;). We had to fight it out as we had everything in written from them ( thanks to my husband for this thing ONLY :), eventually after all the fight we decided not to pay the whole amount and deduct equivalent for the stay in the budget hotel. Funny part is all the hotel guys after all the attitudes and all, shameless come up and ask for tips , that too in multiples of 100s, and in multiples of number of staff of the hotel. How shameless?? Activities: All tourists are exploited left and right and center. I appreciate the 'Gandola' ride in gulmarg, and the government hand in maintaining and conducting the 'Gandola' rides. Rates are fixed, counters are fixed. Still people cheat by getting themselves hired as guides for exorbitant rates, and saying 'Gandola' ride queues are too lengthy, and we can get them in minutes etc. The nightmare of tourists is the 'horse rides'. There is no standard there. It is a big scam, a person gets a horse ride for the same distance for Rs. 50, and the same ride will cost 1500 for another. There was a family of 4, 2 kids and 2 adults. They were charged 2800/ for a 10 min walk distance ( which we walked down) with a promise of 4 points , and the first point was a kids play zone , and you know where the play zone was, just in front of our resort, and hardly 10 ft away from they got onto the horses. And for the same distance, another honeymoon couple were charged 3000.uff........ So much of a scam, that the pleasantness becomes hatred. Why can't the government take action? Again on top of the scam they do, they shamelessly come and literally beg for tips. Horrible. We felt miserable for travelling so far for a pleasant vacation, and getting cheated by these shameless people. It sounded like 'Hell on earth' and not 'Heaven on Earth'. Snow gear: This is one more scam. Beware: your own cab fellow can cheat you to hell. For us, we were told that we will not be allowed entry in 'Gulmarg' without snow boots and snow jacket, and was made to hire in 'Tangmarg' at 1000/ (for 3 ppl) at a specific place ( where the drivers are given commissions), saying that it is the cheapest place, and at other place it is 800/ per person. When we went for the gondola ride, we saw that the govt was providing the snow gear at meagre 120/ per person ( boots and jackets). I felt sick in the stomach for the attitude, and seriously could not enjoy our day. Next day, when we returned to tangmarg and went to return the snow gear, first thing I see is , they are asking for tips :( And it blew my fuse and determined to take them to task. I showed them the picture of the rate card, and threatened them to take to the tourist canter and complain. Initially, he was cool and saying that it was how it works and all, but suddenly he went inside and got me 400/ back. As we were anyway not expecting them to return the money, my husband told me to let go as he returned 400/. Everyone is a self proclaimed saint, who do not cheat, who do not lie and wo know everything :( Seriously, vacations are meant to rejuvenate a person , but these kind of tactics spoil the mood. Why can't the government standardize or provide tickets for everything? Like horse rides, sledge rides, skiing, snow gear. There should be one entry point where all tickets are to be bought and then the services are to be utilized by showing the tickets. I understand that this tourist spot works only 3-4 months and they need to earn for the whole year. But that doesnt mean that travellers are robbed off in such a way. Lessons learnt: 1.Research on the agency well before, and get all the hotels listed in the communication, look up on the restaurants and hotels that you will be put up. 2.Do not give in to 'Horse fellows' tantrums and costs. if they say 1000 bargain for 100. Also , do not negotiate for per person, bargain for the whole group and at 1/10th price he quotes. 3.Do not get into 'tip' business. 4.Bargain to one 10th of the price quoted even if it is 100 or 1000 or 10000. Do not feel bad while doing so, as the cost of the product or service is less than 1/10th of the price they quote. 5.Whether it is dal lake shopping, snow ride or horse ride or dry fruits .... mantra is BARGAIN. 6. Last but not the least - DO NOT PAY THE WHOLE PACKAGE AMOUNT AT THE START OF THE TRIP. I know we all need a break, but we will not feel good to know that we are being cheated at the cost of taking a break. So, enjoy, but be alert. I wish someone had alerted me before my trip. Enjoy your vacation.

  • Very poor facilities and location

    by agarwal_a90 on

    If you are looking for a visit to Srinagar dont opt for this hotel as it is 3 kms from Dal Lake. The rooms and facilities also arent good at this hotel. Better go for Dal Lake ghat no. 9 and 8 hotels as they will be available for only 2000 INR and will give a good view of Dal Lake and the market and restaurants are nearby.

  • Worst hotel i have ever been to!

    by Swapnil M on

    Already told the management we don't eat nonveg and these people still upon knowing got us a non veg breakfast! We were promised buffet breakfast and dinner while all we got was limited amount of breakfast and dinner which wasn't filling at all. Had to go out to eat as we were starving. I will never recommend this place to anyone. While we were on our trip, there were several bomb blasts which took place to destroy cellular towers. We had television in our room, but an account with no balance so couldn't even watch news!

  • excellent hotel

    by tanmaybhushan89 on

    stayed at this hotel for 4 nights ,,, i must say i had a meamorable time there .... hotel is very neat and clean , rooms are well decorated,, staff is very friendly ,,, my two kids made a friend with the hotel staff mr.nazir bhai .... hotel manager mr. Adil is very helping ... he guided us on our tour expalined us what to do n what not to do .... hospitality is great ... food is good ... i recommend this hotel to everybody .... and to Mr. Adil if you are reading my review ... i hope to see you soon in summers again ...

  • great experience

    by rishi_tripathi1 on

    great hotel, rooms are awesome , five stars to the 24hour room service , staff is welcoming ,last but not least food is amazing ... i thank everybody at lavilla for making my honeymoon so special ....

  • 303 room no.

    by tanmaybhushan89 on March 21, 2016