About Sun Temple Konark

Here the language of stone surpasses the language of man”, says Rabindranath Tagore, about the iconic Sun Temple at Konark.
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Konark Sun temple is a striking model of ancient artistry, fluidity of ideas, and a pedagogic treasury. Dedicated to the sun god, Surya, the first rays of the sun fall on the entrance of the temple. Much of the temple has fallen into rack and ruin but what remains still holds enough charm to captivate. An interpretation of a greater imagination, it has seen empires rise and fall, identities washed away, yet appealing to our sensorium even today.

Konark Sun Temple Information

Believed to have been built in the 13th century CE the temple was built by the King Narasimhadeva I hailing from the Eastern Ganga dynasty between 1238-1250 CE. The temple was commissioned by the king while Samantaraya Mahapatra was the one in charge of its construction. ‘Konark’ means the sun and the four corners. The temple was called Black Pagoda attributing to its dark facade by the Europeans who used it for navigation for their ships. It is said that the temple could draw ships to the shore due to its magnetic powers.

Konark Sun Temple Architecture

The temple is known for its impressive Kalinga architecture that includes a depiction of a 100 ft high chariot being pulled by horses and wheels carved out of a single stone. The monument portrays the imposing chariot of the sun god. Built of Khondalite rocks, the original temple had 230 ft high sanctum which no longer exists, 128 ft high audience hall, dance hall, dining hall which survive still. There are 24 intricately designed wheels, 12 ft in diametre which are seen drawn by horses. These seven horses represent the week, the wheels stand for the 12 months while the day-cycle is symbolised by the eight spokes in the wheels. And this whole depiction tells how the time is controlled by the sun – being the very illustration of the Surya in the Hindu mythology travelling from the east in his chariot escorted by his charioteer, Aruna.

The entrance leads to the shrine of the deity of Surya made of chlorite stone. The walls of the temple are adorned with reliefs – intricate carvings of various figures including Hindu gods, images of the everyday mortal life, birds, animals and more. The temple also has erotic sculptures on its shikhara belonging to the tantra tradition. The wheels of the temple can be used as sundials and can very well predict the time.

Mayadevi Temple

Discovered in 1909 during the excavations, it lies to the west of the Sun temple. An important temple in the complex this is dedicated to Mayadevi - the wife of Surya, the temple is older than the Sun temple built around the 11th century. Its sanctum houses a Nataraja, and other chambers of the temple have idols of Surya with Vishnu, Vayu, Agni. The temple was considered by some as another temple made to worship sun god but a few believe that it was dedicated to the wife of Surya.

Konark Sun Temple Timings

Konark Sun Temple timings are 6 am to 8 pm.

Konark Sun Temple Address

Konark Sun Temple address is Konark, Odisha 752111.

Konark Sun Temple Opening Days

The temple is open on all days.

How to reach Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple is situated in Konark, a town in the district of Puri in Odisha. It is approximately 60 km from the capital Bhubaneswar and 35 km from Puri. Konark is a famous tourist destination owing to the Sun Temple and thus it is well-connected to Puri and Bhubaneswar by trains, buses and taxis. The easiest way however, to reach Konark is to rent a cab from Puri.

Nearest Bus Stand to Konark Sun Temple:

Konark Bus Stand is 6 minutes from the Sun Temple. You can board a bus from Puri and reach Konark in an hour. OSRTC and private operators provide bus service from Puri to Konark.

Nearest Railway Station to Konark Sun Temple:

Puri Railway Station is the nearest railway station from the Konark Temple. It is 30 km from Konark. You can book Bhubaneswar to Puri trains and then take a taxi to reach the temple.

Nearest Airport to Konark Sun Temple:

Bhubaneswar Airport or Biju Patnaik International Airport is 65 km and around an hour-long drive from the Konark Sun Temple. You can easily get taxis on hire to reach Konark from the airport.

Konark Sun Temple Ticket Information

The Konark Sun Temple ticket can be purchased at Rs 40 for Indians whereas if you are a foreigner then you have to pay Rs 600. The entry fee for Konark Temple for BIMSTEC and SAARC citizens is Rs 40. The entry tickets to Konark Sun Temple for the light and show can be bought at the venue. The visitors are provided wireless headphones and they have a choice between three languages: English, Hindi and Odiya. It is an hour long show starting at 7 pm. The ticket price is Rs 30 per person.

Konark Sun Temple Online Ticket

If you don’t want to buy the entry tickets to Konark Temple at the site and prefer pre-booking it then you can do the same by visiting Yatra.com. Log in for Konark Sun Temple ticket booking. Simply type in Konark Temple and click on pay, to reserve your Konark Sun Temple tickets online. Please read the instructions at the end of the page before booking the tickets and carry a photo ID which will be asked to produce at the site.

Hotels Near Konark

While visiting Konark you can stay in hotels in Puri but if you want a night stay or two in Konark then Panthanivas run by OTDC is a good choice. You can also pick from Surya Inn or Lotus Hotel (1.3 km), Sun Temple Hotel which is near the Konark Bus Stand and is only a kilometre or Resort Konark just 8 km from the temple.

Things to Do in Puri

There are several interesting things to do in Puri such as visiting Chandrabhaga Beach, offering prayers at Varahi Devi Temple and watching Konark Natya Manadap.

FAQ About Sun Temple

Q. When was Sun temple built and why?

A: Konark Sun Temple was built in the 13th-century in dedication to the Hindu Sun Lord - Surya. The temple is said to be an attribution to King Narasingha Deva I of the Eastern Ganga Dynasty. Another theory says that the son of Lord Krishna Samba was cured of a disease by the Sun Lord, therefore to honor him, Krishna Samba got the temple constructed.

Q. Why is Sun temple famous?

A: A UNESCO World Heritage site, Konark Sun Temple is famous for its unique architecture. Its geometrical patterns and carved wheels used to serve as sun dials. One can witness three images of Sun God at three directions to catch the rays of the Sun at dawn, noon and sunset. Also, the carvings of deities, mythical creatures, and erotic sculptures make the Sun Temple famous. Due to its dark color, the temple was called Black Pagoda, and ancient sailors used it as a navigational landmark.

Q. What is Sun Temple ticket price?

A: The ticket cost to visit the Sun Temple varies for foreign and Indian tourists. Foreign tourists need to pay INR 550 per person. For Indian nationals, SAARC and BIMSTEC Visitor the ticket price is INR 35 per person.

Q. What are the visiting hours for Sun Temple?

A: Konark Sun temple is open from 10:00 am till 5:00 pm for tourists. It is open for all days of the week.

Q. Which is the easiest way to reach Sun Temple?

A: Nearest Airport to Sun Temple: Konark Sun Temple is 62 km away (1 hour 39 minutes) from the Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneshwar. You can hire a prepaid taxi from the airport counter or take a bus from outside the airport to reach the temple.
Nearest Railway Station to Sun Temple: The Puri railway station is the nearest train station to Konark Sun Temple at 36 km distance. You can find numerous taxis and cabs outside the railway station to take you to the Sun Temple. It approximately takes 50 minutes to reach.
Nearest Bus Stand to Sun Temple: The nearest bus stand is Konark Bus stand which is 6 minutes away. There are private as well as public bus operators like OSRTC, Dolphin Tour and Travels, Shyamoli Paribahan Pvt. Ltd, Diwakar Travels etc. which take you to the Sun Temple.

Outstanding Universal Value

A combination of the Sanskrit words Kona meaning corner and Arka meaning Sun- together it means the Corner of the Sun. The temple was built by King Narsimha Deva of the Ganga Dynasty in 1250 AD, to mark his victory over the Muslim invaders. By the end of the 13th century, the Muslims had conquered the whole of the northern India, except Orissa, where the Hindu rulers deflected their attacks for quite some time. A great fight took place between Tughan Khan (Nasiruddin Muhamma's General) and he was badly defeated by Narsimhadeva, thus, the Kirti Stambha (victory memorial) was erected, as a symbol of his prestige.

Monument Information


Konarak Sun Temple, Konark, Puri District, Odisha

How To Reach

  • Nearest Airport :Bhubaneshwar
  • Nearest Railway Station :Puri Railway Station
  • Nearest Bus Station : Konark Bus stand

Opening Hours

  • Opening Time : 06:00:00 am
  • Closing Time :06:00:00 pm


  • Monsoon : Minimum 25-Maximum 35 °C

    Summer : Minimum 24°C Maximum 36 °C

    Winter : Minimum 17°C Maximum 28 °C

    Recommended Season to Visit : Winter (October-March)

Facilities available At the Monument

  • Signages
  • Drinking Water Facility
  • Toilets for Ladies & Gentleman.
  • Electricity
  • Publication counter
  • Brochure/guide book
  • Illumination of monument
  • Visitor circulation path
  • Parking
  • Ticket booth.
  • Drainage
  • Garbage bins
  • Lightening conductor
  • Wheel chair
  • Site Museum/display shed

Accommodation near the monument

Contact Details

  • Mr. Ashok Kumar Patel
  • Phone: 91-674-2573074, 0674-2573068
  • E-mail: circlebhu.asi@gmail.com

Museums near monument

Ticket Information

Terms & Conditions

  • The e-ticket is not transferable.
  • Entry Fee is not refundable.
  • E-ticket cancellations are not permitted.
  • The Monument is open for visitors between sunrise and sunset.
  • Visitor shall be required to show photo identity proof in original at the entry to the monument.
  • Edibles are not allowed inside the monument.
  • Inflammable/dangerous/explosive articles are not allowed.
INDIAN Visitor:
Total ₹ 35
₹ 35 - by ASI as Entry fee & ₹ 0 - by ADI as Toll tax
Total ₹ 550
₹ 550 - by ASI as Entry fee & ₹ 0 - by ADI as Toll tax
SAARC Visitor:
Total ₹ 35
₹ 35 - by ASI as Entry fee & ₹ 0 - by ADI as Toll tax
BIMSTEC Visitor:
Total ₹ 35
₹ 35 - by ASI as Entry fee & ₹ 0 - by ADI as Toll tax