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About Amritsar Jn Railway Station

Famous for its colossal, gilded Golden Temple, the holy city of Amritsar houses one of the busiest railway stations of India, the Amritsar Railway Station (ASR). The number of daily commuters go up to 100,000; however, the number goes far beyond on weekends. Given the volume of passengers and trains, the station tops the list of busiest railway stations in Punjab. ASR is one of the few stations in India that have Wi-Fi and installed CCTV cameras at the station. Taking high passenger volumes into consideration, the station entered the top hundred booking stations of Indian Railways.

Trains Departing from Amritsar Railway Station to Other Stations

Of the daily trains, the station has a capacity of connecting and running about 134 trains every day. On the other hand, the station has 63 originating and 63 terminating trains. With 6 platforms and 9 rail tracks, the government delivers a promise of better transportation management.

Trains to Top Pilgrimage Sites: Devotees can find their way to Varanasi with 10 trains running from ASR. Besides, ASR has a daily frequency of 3 trains to Ajmer Sharif, 2 direct-running trains to Haridwar, 1 train to Bhubaneshwar (Konark Temple), and 1 train to Puri.

Trains to Metro Cities: ASR offers 54 trains to Jalandhar, 50 to Ludhiana, 29 to Delhi, 6 to Kanpur, 5 to Kolkata, 4 to Mumbai, 3 to Surat, and 1 to Visakhapatnam.

Popular Trains: Travelers dub the following trains as popular due to their punctual service, comfortable coaches, runs to popular destinations, and a variety of hygienic meals.

• Amritsar Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Express is a direct train for Mumbai To Amritsar.
• New Delhi Shatabdi Express connects Amritsar to Delhi.
• Amritsar Haridwar Express is a train for pilgrims that are traveling from Amritsar to Haridwar.
• Amritsar Chandigarh Intercity Express connects Chandigarh with Amritsar.
• Akal Takht Express chugs along to Kolkata from Amritsar.

Different Railway Stations in Amritsar

Chheharta Railway Station

Popular Places near Amritsar Railway Station (ASR)

The most recommended and visited place in Amritsar is Golden Temple at a distance of 1.9 km from the station. No matter whether the tourist is an atheist or agnostic, he/she will be in awe of the beauty upon visiting the temple. Golden Temple encompasses Akal Takht, a throne of a Sikh deity, which is also a sacred place among worshipers. History lovers can pay a visit to Jallianwala Bagh, a place that is 3.9 km away from the station and where the notorious massacre took place in 1919. In the radius of 1.4 km from the station, travelers can choose to visit Durgiana Temple, which is a major attraction among Hindu devotees, also owing to its architectural similarities with the Golden Temple.