mumbai to udaipur Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from mumbai to udaipur 1 Trains
Distance from mumbai to udaipur By Train: 945 Km
Fastest Train from mumbai to udaipur : UDZ BDTS SF SPL(02902)
Slowest Train from mumbai to udaipur : UDZ BDTS SF SPL(02902)

Bandra Terminus to Udaipur City Train Tickets

2 trains ply between the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai and Udaipur. The route includes travel through the states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat and more. Udaipur is a region in the Land of the Kings, depicting a rich culture. One can expect a clear sky around this time in Udaipur with a varying temperature from 26°C to 6°C.

Bdts AII UDZ EX takes the most time to reach Udaipur, covering a distance of 945 kms in 17 hours and 05 mins. Covering a distance of 927 kms in 16 hours and 18 mins, Bdts UDZ AII EXP is the fastest among all the trains that run along this route. The mentioned train is available on Wed, Fri and Sun. It leaves Borivali at 00:02 and arrives Udaipur City at 16:20 on the same day.

The earliest train leaving Mumbai at 00:02 is Bdts UDZ AII EXP while Bdts AII UDZ EX, the last train leaves at 15:50. Considering the duration of the journey, boarding Bdts AII UDZ EX from Bandra Terminus would be convenient as it departs at 15:50. If you plan to travel by Bdts AII UDZ EX, then you can collect your dinner at Vadodara Jn where it halts for 18 mins.

Of all the trains, 2 trains run directly between Bandra Terminus and Udaipur City - Bdts UDZ AII EXP and Bdts AII UDZ EX. Most trains pass through the major stations of Chittaurgarh, Borivali and Vapi.

City Palace Museum and Lake Pichola are major attractions worth visiting in Udaipur.