bengaluru to hubli Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from bengaluru to hubli 21 Trains
Distance from bengaluru to hubli By Train: 464 Km
Fastest Train from bengaluru to hubli : JAN SHATABDI EXP(02080)
Slowest Train from bengaluru to hubli : SBC FESTIVAL SPL(06206)

Bangalore Cy Jn to Hubli Jn Train Tickets

21 trains ply between the capital of Karnataka, Bengaluru and Hubli. The trains cover the cities of Davangere, Harihar, Tumkur, Birur, Arsikere, Haveri, and Ranibennur, during the course of its journey. In Karnataka, people host buffalo's race called Kambala which can be traced back to 800 years. The sky will remain partly cloudy around this time in Hubli with a temperature of 24°C during the day.

The fastest of all the trains on this route is Janshatabdi EXP, taking 07 hours and 25 mins to cover 470 kms. It is available throughout the week. The train leaves at 06:00 from Bangalore Cy Jn and reaches Hubli Jn at 13:25 on the same day. Covering a distance of 552 kms in 13 hours and 25 mins, Garib Nawaz EXP is the slowest among all the trains that run along this route. Taking an alternate route, it also passes through the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Leaving Yesvantpur Jn at 04:40, Hubli EXP is the earliest train for this route while the last train is Hampi EXP that leaves Bangalore Cy Jn at 22:05. If you plan to travel by MAS Vasco EXP or Vlnk VSG EXP, then you can buy your meal at Yesvantpur Jn.

Some trains like Intercity EXP, Garib Nawaz EXP, Golgumbaz EXP, Rani Chennamma, Ajmer Express and more run directly between Bangalore Cy Jn and Hubli Jn. Most trains pass through the major stations of Yesvantpur Jn, Davangere and Tumkur.