bengaluru to patna Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from bengaluru to patna 4 Trains
Distance from bengaluru to patna By Train: 2699 Km
Fastest Train from bengaluru to patna : DNR SBC SPL(02296)
Slowest Train from bengaluru to patna : DNR YPR SPL(03209)

Bangalore Cy Jn to Patna Jn Train Tickets

4 trains transit between Bengaluru and Patna. The journey would entail passing through the states of Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and more. One can expect a clear sky around this time in Patna with a varying temperature from 27°C to 9°C. Patna is the largest city in the state of Bihar, situated on the southern bank of river Ganga.

Sanghamitra EXP is the slowest among all the trains that run along this route covering a distance of 2699 kms in 48 hours and 05 mins. It reaches the destination taking 34 halts. Bagmati Express is the fastest among all the trains that run along this route covering a distance of 2700 kms in 47 hours and 02 mins. Unfortunately, it is available only on Sat. The train leaves at 10:10 from Bangalore Cy Jn and reaches Patna Jn at 09:30 after 2 days.

A total of 2 trains run directly between Bangalore Cy Jn and Patna Jn which include Sanghamitra EXP and Bagmati Express. There is a high likelihood of a train passing through Nagpur, Warangal and Gudur Jn stations, as these are the most common stations along this route.

One can opt for the earliest train, Sanghamitra EXP that leaves at 09:00 or catch Bagmati Express, the last train departing at 10:10 for Patna.You can grab your dinner and lunch from Vijayawada Jn and Itarsi Jn canteens respectively if you board Sanghamitra EXP.