bolpur to kolkata Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from bolpur to kolkata 9 Trains
Distance from bolpur to kolkata By Train: 146 Km
Fastest Train from bolpur to kolkata : TVC SCL EXPRESS(02507)
Slowest Train from bolpur to kolkata : SDAH NOQ SPL(02377)

Bolpur S Niktn to Howrah Jn Train Tickets

Between Bolpur and the capital of West Bengal, 35 trains are operated by Indian Railways. The route includes travel through the cities of Bardhaman, Naihati, and Bandel. Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta is the main cultural, commercial and educational center of East India. Kolkata experiences a temperature of 22°C during the day which can drop to 12°C at night. Also, one may get to view a clear sky around this time.

The slowest of all the trains on this route is Gour EXP, taking 03 hours and 58 mins to cover 166 kms. Passengers can get on and off the train at 6 stations along this route. The fastest of all the trains on this route is NJP HWH Shatabdi, taking 02 hours and 01 mins to cover 146 kms. It operates everyday but on Sun. It leaves Bolpur S Niktn at 11:34 and arrives Howrah Jn at 13:35 on the same day.

NJP HWH Shatabdi, MFP YPR EXP, GHY TVC Express, GHY BNC Express and GHY SC Express run between Bolpur and Kolkata without any halts. Some trains run directly between Bolpur S Niktn and Howrah Jn like JMP HWH EXP, Saraighat EXP, Viswabharti Pass, Mldt HWH INT EXP, Kavi Guru EXP and more. Most trains pass through the major stations of Barddhaman Jn, Sealdah and Bandel Jn.

Leaving Bolpur S Niktn at 01:22, Gour EXP is the earliest train for this route while the last train is JBN Kolkata EXP that leaves Bolpur S Niktn at 23:39. Considering suitable start and end time, boarding Viswabharti Pass from Bolpur S Niktn would be convenient as it departs at 06:29.

Trip to Kolkata will be incomplete without exploring Eden Garden and Victoria Memorial.