new delhi to kathgodam Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from new delhi to kathgodam 2 Trains
Distance from new delhi to kathgodam By Train: 278 Km
Fastest Train from new delhi to kathgodam : NDLS SHT SPL(02039)
Slowest Train from new delhi to kathgodam : RANIKHET SPL(05014)

Delhi to Kathgodam Train Tickets

3 trains ply across New Delhi and Kathgodam in North India. The journey would entail passing through the states of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and more. Kathgodam is a beautiful hilly region and it is a treat to nature lovers. The sky will remain clear for a few days. During the day, people of Kathgodam experience a temperature of 20°C which can drop to 14°C at night.

Ranikhet EXP is the slowest among all the trains that run along this route covering a distance of 292 kms in 09 hours and 05 mins. The Ndls KGM SHT takes the least amount of time to reach the destination by covering a distance of 281 kms in 05 hours and 40 mins.

It is found that most trains pass through the major stations Moradabad, Ramnagar and Rudrapur City.Of all the trains, 2 trains run directly between Delhi and Kathgodam - UTR Samprk K EX and Ranikhet EXP.

Ndls KGM SHT is the earliest train for this route leaving NDLS at 06:00 while the last train is Ranikhet EXP that leaves DEC at 20:00. You can grab your dinner at 21:10 as Ranikhet EXP halts at Delhi for 80 mins.