new delhi to jaipur Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from new delhi to jaipur 12 Trains
Distance from new delhi to jaipur By Train: 294 Km
Fastest Train from new delhi to jaipur : DOUBLE DECKER SP(02985)
Slowest Train from new delhi to jaipur : PBR DEE SPL(09263)

Delhi S Rohilla to Jaipur Train Tickets

Indian Railways operate 30 trains between the capital of India, New Delhi and the capital of Rajasthan. The trains run along the states of Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and more. Jaipur is also known for its sweets Ghevar, Feeni, Mawa Kachori, Meethi Thuli, Chauguni ke laddu and Moong Thal. Jaipur experiences a temperature of 18°C during the day which can drop to 7°C at night. Also, one may get to view a clear sky around this time.

Yoga Express is the slowest train for this route reaching the destination in 06 hours and 44 mins. It takes 10 stops to reach the destination. The fastest of all the trains on this route is ADI SJ Rajdhani, taking 04 hours and 25 mins to cover 309 kms. In terms of train availability, it is a good option as it runs daily. It departs from New Delhi at 19:55 and reaches Jaipur at 00:20 on the next day.

Ranikhet EXP, DEE Porbndr EXP, DEE Bdts G Rath, BE Bhuj EXP, ALA Hazrat EXP and more operate directly between Delhi S Rohilla and Jaipur. Almost all the trains between New Delhi and Jaipur pass through Alwar, Gurgaon and Delhi Cantt stations.

If you plan to travel by Yoga Express, then you can collect your dinner at Delhi where it halts for 30 mins. You can opt for the earliest train, HW UDZ EXP that leaves Delhi Shahdara at 00:56 or catch the last train, Rajsthn S Kranti departing Delhi S Rohilla at 22:25. Considering the travel time, boarding JP Double Dcker from Delhi S Rohilla would be convenient as it departs at 17:35.

Hawa Mahal (Palace of Winds), Amber Fort, City Palace and Jantar Mantar are major attractions worth visiting in Jaipur.