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12903 Train Route Map

Golden Temple Mail 12903 Train

The Golden Temple 12903 train is a superfast train that runs from Mumbai Central (BCT) to Amritsar Junction (ASR). One of the oldest running trains in the country, this train was formerly known as the Frontier Mail and was one of the first trains in India to be air-conditioned. The Golden Temple 12903 also takes the credit for being the first train to provide radio services. Its maiden run was on the 1st of September 1928 from Mumbai to Peshawar. It’s interesting to note that Subhash Chandra Bose escaped to Peshawar from his house arrest through this train! The biography of famous actor Prithviraj Kapoor also finds a mention of this train. He used the Frontier mail to travel from his hometown in Peshawar to Mumbai in 1928 to start his career in films. Currently, the train has 32 halts like Vadodara Junction , Mathura Junction, Ambala Cantonment, Ludhiana Junction, and Jalandhar Junction on its way.

Why Golden Temple 12903?

The Golden Temple 12903 train offers a comfortable journey along with timely meals. It has been renowned for its prompt schedule and on time arrival at the destination.

The Perks Of Riding The Golden Temple Train

• The Golden Temple 12903 has a pantry car attached and delivers both on-board and e-catering services for its passengers.
• It is a superfast train and gets a higher propriety on the Indian Rail Network compared to local and passenger trains.
• The first class, the 2-tier, and the 3-tier coaches are air-conditioned.
• Passengers prefer this train for its punctuality and quality of on-board services.

Train Coach & Schedule

The Golden Temple Mail 12903 plies daily from Mumbai to Amritsar. The train has a total of 24 coaches including A/C first class, A/C 2-tier, A/C 3-tier, sleeper class, and unreserved general class. There is also a general-cum-baggage coaches with a pantry car and Railway Mail coach attached to it. It operates daily from Mumbai to Amritsar.

Average Speed & The Time Traveled

The Golden Temple Mail has an average speed of 59 km per hour and takes 32 hours and 15 minutes to cover a total distance of 1891 km from Mumbai to Amritsar.

About The Destination

Amritsar is renowned for the famous Golden Temple or ‘Harmandir Sahib’. It is the most famous pilgrim center for Sikhs. The Wagah Border separates India from Pakistan and is located at 28 km from Amritsar. The Beating Retreat ceremony here is worth a watch. You can visit Jallianwala Bagh, a historically significant place in India’s struggle for freedom. The Durgiana Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga dates back to the 16th century. The Ram Tirath Temple is believed to the place where Lord Ram’s sons were born. Akal Takht, Ram Bagh, Faridkot Fort, Pul Kanjari, and Jama Masjid Khairuddin are other places that are worth visiting in Amritsar.