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About Gorakhpur Jn Railway Station

Steeped in historical and religious values, Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh is situated on the banks of river Rapti. Opened in 1890, Gorakhpur Junction Railway Station serves as the headquarters of the North Eastern Railway (NER). In 2013, the General Manager of NER, KK Atal, inaugurated the remodeled Gorakhpur yard. With this, Gorakhpur now has the world’s longest railway platform measuring 1366.33 kilometers. The GM also flagged off the Gorakhdham Express (Gorakhpur-Hissar).

Trains Departing from Gorakhpur Junction

Gorakhpur Junction has a total of 10 platforms. It handles 189 trains daily, including 98 halting trains, 73 originating and 74 terminating trains.

Trains to Top Pilgrimage Sites: As many as 13 trains connect Gorakhpur with Varanasi. There are about 8 trains going to Allahabad and 11 are linked to Haridwar. While 1 train goes to Vaishnodevi, 4 trains go till Ajmer and 3 trains to Shirdi. The number of trains to both Mathura and Amritsar are 9.

Trains to Metro Cities: Gorakhpur Junction railway station has 25 trains connecting to Delhi and 15 to Mumbai. The bustling Kolkata is linked with 6 trains whereas 4 trains are available for Ahmedabad. A total of 3 trains head to Pune from the Gorakhpur Junction. In the south, Hyderabad is connected by 4 trains, Bangalore with 3 and Chennai with 2 trains.

Popular Trains

The popular Gorakhdam Express is one of the first ISO 9002 certified trains and is preferred for its superfast speed and service. Similarly, there are trains which are popular for their weekly services or are preferred for their hygiene standards, comfortable coaches and meals. Some of the most popular trains are:

Gorakhdham Superfast Express links Gorakhpur to Delhi.
Gorakhpur- Mumbai CST Jan Sadharan Special connects Gorakhpur to Mumbai.
Gorakhpur-Trivandrum RaptiSagar Superfast Express covers the distance from Gorakhpur to Chennai.
Gorakhpur- Yesvantpur SF Express connects Gorakhpur to Bangalore.

Other train stations in Gorakhpur:

• Gorakhpur Cantt
• Domingarh
• Nakaha Jungle
• Maniram
• Unaula
• Jagatbela
• Kusmhi
• Kauriaa Jungle
• Sahjanwa
• Pipraich

Popular Places Near Gorakhpur Junction

The city of Gorakhpur is a unique cultural hub where history gets intertwined with art, music and entertainment. Visit the renowned Gorakhnath temple (5 km away from Gorakhpur junction) named after the famous saint Guru Gorakhnath (believed to be an incarnation of Lord Shiva). About 1 km away is the Archaeological Museum, housing a treasure trove of historical sculptures, coins, artifacts, pottery et al. One can explore relics and memoirs of North Eastern Railway at the Railway Museum and Amusement park, at a distance of 2 km. Beat the heat by enjoying water rides at the Nir Nikunj Water Park located 4 km away. The scenic Kushmi forest (9 km) is another tourist attraction. Enjoy the greenery, the cool fountains and the multi-colored lights at the serene Nehru Park (3.5 km). Historic Vishnu Mandir is situated 3 km away from the station. Later, head to Golghar market (1 km) to buy the famous Gorakhpur handicrafts, or sample the Kakori kebabs and chaat.