gwalior to indore Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from gwalior to indore 8 Trains
Distance from gwalior to indore By Train: 517 Km
Fastest Train from gwalior to indore : MALWA EXPRESS(12919)
Slowest Train from gwalior to indore : CHANDIGARH EXP(19307)

Gwalior to Indore Jn Bg Train Tickets

8 trains run to and fro within the state between Gwalior and Indore. The route encompases through the cities of Bhopal, Dabra, Dewas, Jhansi, Shujalpur, Shajapur, Bina, Vidisha and more. Indore is home to Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange. One can expect a clear sky around this time in Indore with a varying temperature from 27°C to 11°C.

The slowest of all the trains on this route is BE Indb Express, taking 14 hours and 12 mins to cover 651 kms. It takes an alternate route passing through the state of Uttar Pradesh. Covering a distance of 517 kms in 11 hours and 30 mins, ASR Indb Express is the fastest among all the trains that run along this route. It leaves Gwalior at 15:00 and arrives Indore Jn Bg at 02:30 on the next day.

CDG Indb EXP and BE Indb Express stop at Ujjain Jn and Jhansi Jn respectively where you can avail food. Malwa Express is the earliest train for this route leaving at 00:35 while the last train is BE Indb Express that departs at 20:53 from Gwalior.

Some trains like Malwa Express, CDG Indb EXP, ASR Indb Express, DDN Indb EXP, GWL Indb Expres and more run directly between Gwalior and Indore Jn Bg. Ujjain Jn, Bina Jn and Jhansi Jn are major stations in this route and most trains pass through them.