new delhi to jabalpur Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from new delhi to jabalpur 7 Trains
Distance from new delhi to jabalpur By Train: 906 Km
Fastest Train from new delhi to jabalpur : M P SMPRK KRNTI(12121)
Slowest Train from new delhi to jabalpur : JBP NZM SF EXP(12192)

H Nizamuddin to Jabalpur Trains Schedule

  • new delhi jabalpur shrungavarpukta express (12191) H Nizamuddin - Jabalpur Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 14:15
  • jammu tawi jabalpur express (11450) H Nizamuddin - Jabalpur Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 14:30
  • mahakoshal express (12190) H Nizamuddin - Jabalpur Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 16:05
  • m p sampark kranti (12122) H Nizamuddin - Jabalpur Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 17:25
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H Nizamuddin to Jabalpur Train Tickets

Indian Railways operate 5 trains between New Delhi in North and Jabalpur. The journey would entail passing through the states of Haryana, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh and more. The temperature can go to as high as 34°C in Jabalpur during the day with an expectation of a clear sky. Jabalpur was part of the Mauryan Empire, once ruled by Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka.

M P Smprk Krnti is the fastest among all the trains that run along this route covering a distance of 909 kms in 14 hours and 20 mins. It is available on Mon, Thu and Sat. This train can be boarded from H Nizamuddin at 17:25 which reaches 07:45 on the next day. Mahakoshal EXP takes the most time to reach Jabalpur, covering a distance of 961 kms in 17 hours and 30 mins. It takes a longer route and covers Haryana, Punjab and Orissa states.

If one is planning to purchase food from station canteens, board Svdk JBP EXP and Mahakoshal EXP as they halt at Jhansi Jn for 10 mins and 25 mins respectively. Svdk JBP EXP is the earliest train for this route leaving New Delhi at 14:15 while the last train is M P Smprk Krnti that leaves H Nizamuddin at 17:25. Considering the travel time, boarding Mahakoshal EXP would be convenient as it reaches Jabalpur at 09:35.

Svdk JBP EXP, Mahakoshal EXP, M P Smprk Krnti, NZM JBP SF EXP and Ndls JBP SUP EXP (5 trains in all) run directly between H Nizamuddin and Jabalpur. It is found that most trains pass through the major stations Gwalior, Mathura Jn and Jhansi Jn.