kolkata to dhanbad Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from kolkata to dhanbad 19 Trains
Distance from kolkata to dhanbad By Train: 259 Km
Fastest Train from kolkata to dhanbad : HWH RAJ SPL(02302)
Slowest Train from kolkata to dhanbad : YNRK HWH SPL(03010)

Howrah Jn to Dhanbad Jn Trains Schedule

  • nagpur premium special (02019) Howrah Jn - Dhanbad Jn Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 06:05
  • nathdwara udaipur city special (09607) Howrah Jn - Dhanbad Jn Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 11:25
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Howrah Jn to Dhanbad Jn Train Tickets

32 trains ply across Kolkata and Dhanbad, connecting the capital of West Bengal to Dhanbad. The route encompases through the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. Dhanbad is also known as the Coal capital of India. A clear sky can be expected in Dhanbad, where people experience a temperature of 19°C during the day which can drop to 8°C at night.

AII Wkly EXP takes the most time to reach Dhanbad, covering a distance of 275 kms in 05 hours and 45 mins. It takes a longer route as compared to the fastest train and covers Uttar Pradesh state. If time is of essence, you can board the Kolkata Rajdhni train as it reaches the destination in 03 hours. Sun is the only day on which this train does not operate. It leaves Howrah Jn at 16:55 and arrives Dhanbad Jn at 19:55 on the same day.

Jammu Tawi EXP halts at Barddhaman Jn (10 mins) at 13:24 where you can grab your lunch. Considering the duration of the journey, boarding Coal Field EXP from Howrah Jn would be convenient as it departs at 17:20. Shatabdi Express is the earliest train for this route leaving at 06:05 while the last train is Garbha Express that departs at 23:00 from Kolkata.

Kolkata Rajdhni is the only train that runs between Kolkata and Dhanbad without any halts. Some trains run directly between Howrah Jn and Dhanbad Jn like Shatabdi Express, Blackdiamond EXP, HWH JSM EXP, HWH LKU EXP, Poorva Express and more. Asansol Jn, Durgapur and Barddhaman Jn are major stations in this route and most trains pass through them.