kolkata to siliguri Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from kolkata to siliguri 12 Trains
Distance from kolkata to siliguri By Train: 561 Km
Fastest Train from kolkata to siliguri : GHY HWH SPECIAL(02346)
Slowest Train from kolkata to siliguri : NOQ SDAH SPECIAL(03142)

Howrah Jn to New Jalpaguri Trains Schedule

  • sealdah kamakhya special (02261) Howrah Jn - New Jalpaguri Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 09:05
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Howrah Jn to New Jalpaguri Train Tickets

As a means of transport, 34 trains are available between the capital of West Bengal and Siliguri. The route includes travel through the states of Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand and more. Siliguri is situated on the banks of the Mahananda river. The sky will remain partly cloudy for a few days. During the day, people of Siliguri experience a temperature of 27°C which can drop to 23°C at night.

Paharia Express takes the most time to reach Siliguri, covering a distance of 571 kms in 13 hours and 06 mins. It takes a different route and passes through the state of Haryana. The Shatabdi Expres takes the least amount of time to reach the destination by covering a distance of 561 kms in 08 hours and 15 mins. Please keep in mind that this train does not operate on Sun. This train can be boarded from Howrah Jn at 14:15 which reaches 22:30 on the same day.

Puri KYQ Express, Guwahati EXP, SC GHY EXP, Shatabdi Expres, Kamrup Express and more operate directly between Howrah Jn and New Jalpaguri. Malda Town, Kishanganj and Bolpur S Niktn are major stations in this route and most trains pass through them.

One can opt for the earliest train, Kanchanjanga EXP that leaves at 06:35 or catch HWH NJP AC EXP, the last train departing at 23:05 for Siliguri. Few trains like Kanchanjanga EXP and Guwahati EXP stop at 13:35 (Malda Town) and 13:55 (Howrah Jn) respectively where food can be bought from the station canteens. Considering suitable start and end time, boarding BNC KYQ Humsafar would be convenient as it reaches Siliguri at 04:20.