kolkata to rampur hat Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from kolkata to rampur hat 20 Trains
Distance from kolkata to rampur hat By Train: 207 Km
Fastest Train from kolkata to rampur hat : GHY HWH SPECIAL(02346)
Slowest Train from kolkata to rampur hat : RDP HWH SPECIAL(03054)

Howrah Jn to Rampur Hat Trains Schedule

  • sealdah kamakhya special (02261) Howrah Jn - Rampur Hat Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 09:05
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Howrah Jn to Rampur Hat Train Tickets

Between the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata and Rampur Hat, 36 trains are operated by Indian Railways. The trains cover the states of West Bengal, Jammu and Kashmir, and Orissa during the course of its journey. The temperature can go to as high as 26°C in Rampur Hat during the day with an expectation of a clear sky. People eagerly wait for Durga Puja festival as it is widely celebrated in the region of Rampur Hat.

Covering a distance of 207 kms in 02 hours and 52 mins, BNC KYQ Humsafar is the fastest among all the trains that run along this route. Kolkata JBN EXP takes the most time to reach Rampur Hat, covering a distance of 222 kms in 04 hours and 59 mins.

Ganadevta EXP is the earliest train leaving at 06:05 while HWH NJP AC EXP is the last train departing at 23:05 for Rampur Hat. Muzaffarpur EXP and Guwahati EXP halt at Howrah Jn for 30 mins where you can grab a meal.

There is a high likelihood of a train passing through Bolpur S Niktn, Sealdah and Barddhaman Jn stations, as these are the most common stations along this route. Some trains run directly between Howrah Jn and Rampur Hat like Ganadevta EXP, Guwahati EXP, SC GHY EXP, Rampurhat EXP, Muzaffarpur EXP and more.