hyderabad to mumbai Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from hyderabad to mumbai 8 Trains
Distance from hyderabad to mumbai By Train: 773 Km
Fastest Train from hyderabad to mumbai : LTT COA SPECIAL(07222)
Slowest Train from hyderabad to mumbai : CSMT SC SPL(07057)

Hyderabad Decan to Mumbai Cst Train Tickets

A total of 10 trains scurry between Hyderabad and Mumbai in West India. The journey includes travel through the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and more. Along with Mumbai being known as the financial capital of India, it is also the country’s commercial and entertainment capital. The sky will remain clear for a few days. During the day, people of Mumbai experience a temperature of 26°C which can drop to 22°C at night.

Devagiri EXP is the slowest among all the trains that run along this route covering a distance of 881 kms in 18 hours and 45 mins. It takes a longer route and covers Arunachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh states. Duronto AC EXP takes the minimum time (12 hours) to reach its destination. The train leaves at 23:05 from Secunderabad Jn and reaches Lokmanyatilak T at 11:05 on the next day.

Considering the travel time, boarding SC PBR EXP from Secunderabad Jn would be convenient as it departs at 15:00. You can opt for the earliest train, Konark Express that leaves Secunderabad Jn at 11:40 or catch the last train, Duronto AC EXP departing Secunderabad Jn at 23:05. There are some trains like Konark Express and Hussainsagar EX that halt at Daund Jn and Solapur Jn respectively where you can grab a quick meal.

It is found that most trains pass through the major stations Gulbarga, Pune Jn and Solapur Jn.Hussainsagar EX and Mumbai EXP (2 trains in all) run directly between Hyderabad Decan and Mumbai Cst. Out of all the trains, Duronto AC EXP is the only train that runs between Hyderabad and Mumbai without any halts.

Carter Road Promenade, Bandstand Promenade, Marine Drive, Nariman Point and Worli Sea Face are major attractions worth visiting in Mumbai.Other than the mentioned places, one can also explore Gateway of India and Jehangir Art Gallery.