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About Irinjalakuda Railway Station

The Irinjalakuda Railway Station is one of stations nearest to the Trivandrum Central Junction and is managed by the Southern Railways. This is a prominent station that has two platforms and witnesses a lot of to-and-fro traffic, especially of passenger trains between the districts of Thrissur and Alawaye. 

Trains Departing from Irinjalakuda Railway Station

Although the station does not have any originating trains, a total of 44 trains halt at this station. Out of the 44 trains, 32 are express trains. 

Trains to Top Tourist Spots

Some of the famous tourist spots close to the Irinjalakuda Railway Station are Thrissur, and Guruvayur. The Guruvayur-Ernakulam Passenger Train has a one-minute stoppage at the Irinjalakuda Station to pick-up passengers for the town of Guruvayur. The Malabar Express takes passengers from Irinjalakuda to Thrissur in 19 minutes. 

Long Distance Trains from Irinjalakuda Railway Station

Being one of the popular stations of South India, the Irinjalakuda Station receives many long-distance trains that take passengers to different parts of India. Some of the popular long-distance trains are: 
Raptisagar Express
Ahiliyanagari Express 
Korba Thiruvananthapuram Express 


Q) What means of transport is available from Irinjalakuda Railway Station into the city?

A) Buses and taxis are easily available to travel into the city from the station. Auto-rickshaws are available to ferry passengers into the city.

Q) Which is the nearest airport to Irinjalakuda Railway Station?

A) The nearest airport from this station is the Kochi airport. 

Q) How far is Kochi airport from Irinjalakuda Railway Station? 

A) Kochi airport is 29km away from Irinjalakuda station and takes approximately 45 minutes to reach. 

Q) Which are the nearest cities that can be traversed from Irinjalakuda Railway Station? 

A) The cities of Chalakudy, Guruvayur, and Ashtamichira are the nearest to this station.

Q) How can you access the nearby cities from Irinjalakuda Railway Station?

A) Irinijalakuda Station is well connected by buses, taxis as well as auto-rickshaws to reach nearby cities.

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