jaipur to ajmer Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from jaipur to ajmer 20 Trains
Distance from jaipur to ajmer By Train: 135 Km
Fastest Train from jaipur to ajmer : NDLS RAJ SPL(02957)
Slowest Train from jaipur to ajmer : FESTIVAL SPL(09707)

Jaipur to Ajmer Jn Trains

  • anand vihar uhp special (04051) Jaipur - Ajmer Jn Train Route MTWTFSS
  • 10:50
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Jaipur to Ajmer Jn Train Tickets

45 trains run to and fro between Jaipur and Ajmer, connecting the capital of Rajasthan to Ajmer. It passes through the cities of and Kishangarh. Ajmer is a region in the Land of the Kings, depicting a rich culture. The temperature can go to as high as 24°C in Ajmer during the day with an expectation of a clear sky.

The slowest of all the trains on this route is JP ADI Passnger, taking 03 hours and 40 mins to cover 135 kms. Passengers can get on and off the train at 16 stations along this route. ADI SJ Rajdhani is the fastest train that runs along this route covering a distance of 135 kms in 01 hours and 55 mins. It is available throughout the week. It departs from Jaipur at 00:30 and reaches Ajmer Jn at 02:25 on the same day.

To avoid local travel hassle one may choose ADI SJ Rajdhani, AF ADI SF EXP, RNC Garibnwaz EX, BSB ADI EXP, SLN ADI EXP, Ziyarat Express, DEE Bdts G Rath, Annanya Expres, PBR Express, Uttaranchal EXP, NJP UDZ Express and Ashram Express, as these trains run between Jaipur and Ajmer without taking any halts. Kishangarh is a major station in this route and most trains pass through it.Some trains like Sdah Ajmer EXP, ADI SJ Rajdhani, Ajmer SF Special, GKP ADI EXP, AF ADI SF EXP and more run directly between Jaipur and Ajmer Jn.

Considering the travel time, boarding JP ADI Passnger from Jaipur would be convenient as it departs at 05:35. You can opt for the earliest train, Sdah Ajmer EXP that leaves Jaipur at 00:05 or catch the last train, Kurj UDZ EXP departing Jaipur at 23:00.

When in Ajmer, do find time to visit Pushkar Lake.