kota to patna Trains Route Details

Number of Trains from kota to patna 2 Trains
Distance from kota to patna By Train: 1144 Km
Fastest Train from kota to patna : PNBE ADI SPL(02948)
Slowest Train from kota to patna : ADI HUMSFAR SPL(09448)

Kota Jn to Patna Jn Train Tickets

4 trains are available for commuters who wish to travel between Kota and the capital of Bihar. The trains pass through the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and more. The Sikh community regards Patna as a highly pious place because their 10th spiritual master, Guru Gobind Singh was born there. The sky will remain clear for a few days. During the day, people of Patna experience a temperature of 20°C which can drop to 9°C at night.

Kota Pnbe EXP is the slowest train for this route reaching the destination in 26 hours and 40 mins. Taking an alternate route, it also passes through the state of Madhya Pradesh. Azimabad Express is the fastest train that runs along this route reaching the destination in 21 hours. This train can be boarded from Kota Jn at 07:30 which reaches 04:30 on the next day.

For utmost convenience, you can opt for any 3 trains (Azimabad Express, Kamakhya Express and Kota Pnbe EXP) that run directly between Kota Jn and Patna Jn. Almost all the trains between Kota and Patna pass through Buxar, Sawai Madhopur and Ara stations.

You may have lunch and dinner from Tundla Jn and Allahabad Jn respectively if you board Azimabad Express. Azimabad Express is the earliest train leaving at 07:30 while Kota Pnbe EXP is the last train departing at 14:50 for Patna.