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About Lucknow City Railway Station

The Mughal city of Lucknow has two main railway stations, Lucknow Charbagh NR Railway Station (LKO) and Lucknow Junction (LJN). Lucknow Charbagh NR Railway Station (LKO) is lauded for its Mughal-inspired architecture and modern infrastructure.
Trains Departing from Lucknow Charbagh Railway Station to Other Stations Being the capital of UP and 11th largest populated city in the country, the Lucknow Charbagh NR Railway Station (LKO) is built with 9 platforms that serve for the uninterrupted and smooth running of 238 trains daily, including 39 originating and 38 terminating trains.

Trains to Top Pilgrimage Sites:
LKO connects to Varanasi - the holy city, with 68 trains. It has 40 trains to Allahabad for those who want to take a dip in the Triveni Sangam, 12 trains to Assam for those who want to visit Kamakhya Devi Temple, 10 trains to Nashik from where you can visit Trimbakeshwar, Panchavati, and Shirdi. There are 9 trains to Vaishno Devi in Katra. To Dwarka there are 2 trains, while 1 train takes you to Tirupati.

Trains to Metro Cities: A total of 56 trains head out to different railway stations in Delhi. There are 16 trains to Kolkata and Bangalore each, and 5 to Hyderabad.

Popular Trains
Kown for their hygiene standards, punctuality, safety and food, the following trains make it to the list of popular trains fro LKO:

• Lucknow LTT Weekly Express runs only on Sunday and links Lucknow with Mumbai.
• Pushpak Express runs between Mumbai CST and Lucknow.
• NHLN NDLS A/C Express runs between New Delhi and Arunachal Pradesh, and takes a halt at Lucknow NR Station.
• Begampura Express starts from Varanasi, passes through Lucknow NR Station, and terminates at Jammu Tawi.

Different Railway Stations in Lucknow.
The list of nearby stations is as follows:

• Lucknow Junction Railway Station
• Gomti Nagar Terminal
• Daliganj junction railway station
• Transport Nagar Railway Terminal
• Alamnagar Railway Station

Popular Places near Lucknow Charbagh NR Railway Station (LKO)

The influence of Mughals is apparent in Lucknow’s cuisine, new-built structures, and shrines. The famous and grandest mosque called Bara Imambara is only 7 km away from the station. Inspired by the gateways of Ancient Istanbul, Rumi Darwaja, sometimes known as Turkish Gate, is in the range of 7 km. One can explore the popular Chikan Handwork and Chikan Garments at Krishna Chikan House which is in the radius of 2.4 km. The popular Tunday Kababi Restaurant at a distance of 2.7 km is a perfect place to take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride with their delicious kebabs.